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Im 13 years old and i have BDD. Most days are better than other but today is just a really bad day. It picture day and everything as fine until i started getting dressed. I picked out the outfit last night, and i put it on this morning and i didnt like it. So like always i tryed on about 4 more outfits. than i started obbsessing. My hair wasnt straight enough, my nose has a bump in it, i look obese, my eyebrows arnt symetrical, and my bus was leaving. There was no way i was going to run outside looking the way i did. I tryed calling my mom because she can normaly help me, but she didnt aswer. I just broke down into tears and started cursing myself out. My mom realized i have a serious problem the week before school started and set me up a thepy appointment, but its not till another month. so now im sitting in front of my computer cryng, not eating, and depressed. I just dont understand what is wrong with me, and i know i cant let this control my life but it already has. I HATE going out in public, i nearly miss my bus every morning, last year i sat in front of the mirror for about and hour everyday tweesing my eyebrows, and i tweesed away half of my eyebrow once, I have hardley any confidence, and i weigh myself everytime i go into the bathroom, and i get attatched very quickly and easly. I need need someone to undertsand how im feeling and give me some advice, i just dont know what to do and im sick and tired of this controling me .
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I know I'm a bit older than you but message me if you like I may be able to give you a few tips on dealing with bad days