Am I Really?

She called me a "cyber harlot" and I had to wonder what that meant. Is that different from a ***** or a ****? The cyber part is easy; ironically, the denigrating words to describe certain types of women was not.

To be fair, I had called her a ***** for some complex but appropriate reasons. All in jest -- like some black people use the "n-word" on each other, some women call each other "trollop" and like names. It's confusing to observers, perhaps, but it's said with affection.

If she had called me "harlot" I wouldn't have considered it. But why a "cyber harlot"? Because I work on the Internet? Because I publish in online magazines and other media? Because I met my second husband on ICQ (remember that, back in the day)? Because I used to trawl the vast sea of information for potential *****?

Turns out it's because she considers me free and easy -- in ways she wouldn't be anymore. It's a bit like being called a Harley Chick, in that easy rider sort of way. I guess.

I would still prefer just "harlot." The cyber part does bother me for no good reason!
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3 Responses Dec 10, 2012

bikerbabe, the perplexing part is that one cannot choose one's nickname, and sometimes what others choose is telling. whether they intended it for fun or not is really not up to me. thus i'm trying to figure out what she meant by that. it's a variation on the teen stuff we all thought we left behind lol. :)

well, i did call her a *****. ;)

but NOT a cyber ***** ... i think that makes it very different. ;)

qotsa, good point ... lol she's saying i'm not a real harlot, perhaps. :) and yeah, i'm happy to be called a ****, too. i use the internet as a conduit toward flesh meetings; it didn't occur to me that "cyber" equals "virtual" equals "not real" equals "fake." should we call breast implants "cyberboobs"? thanks!

i would take offense (mild offense) at the implication that you're not a REAL harlot (or ***** or fuckpig) because you're hiding behind the "cyber" part of it. at least that's what it seems to me. call a **** a ****, straight up, and you're saying something. call her a "cyber ****" and ... what are you saying exactly.

i'm fifty, and pre-internet we used to actually meet people in the flesh. we had no recourse to anonymously throw out epitaphs without consequence from our safe studies. to me, "cyber" anything is just weak.