Had An Epiphany This Morning...

Ok Soo I had written a whole long story here but then my computer tweeked out and everythng that I had written was erased....but bottom line is that I do not like the person that I was and i dont ever want to be that person again! I will make a promise to myself to stop being Jealous of other people, stop dwelling on negative, stop laying in bed all day feeling sorry for myself or getting stoned to numb myself of any feeling or blaming that the reason for not moving for a whole day, for living in the past (clinging on to old highs of life that happened so few and far between and starting new ones) I will start living life for me and no one else...I will stop being a Lush and realize what I am doing to myself when i overdo it, and the next morning the anxiety and ahh how I feel beat myself up....STOP IT! Its time....I have spent the last year feeling sorry for myself...and this has got to stop. I work 3 nights a week where I make great money but in a dysfunctional unhealthy work environment! THIS IS UP TO ME. I will make a promise to myself to look into getting a real estate license, and for sure will be looking for another 9-5 job to be able to save money and ensure some kind of future for myself...IT STARTS today...I will meditate and go to yoga!!! And stop dwelling in the negative! FORGET the past...FORGIVE MYSELF!! and take a serious look at the people in my life and get them out of it....ITS A NEW DAY!! ANd i'm gonna live for me!
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26-30, F
Dec 9, 2012