Husband Likes It

Since he likes it, I was doing it a little too much. I tried to slow it down, but I just keep giving in to it. Even if I am not really in the mood, once it is happening I love it. I guess I am simply a ****. I recently did something that I thought I never would, but I admit I liked it.
My husband had several guys waiting to surprise me. The thing is it was all in semi public so I was nervous. He let six guys take turns with me. I was actually scared, but I couldn't stop once it started.
It was after the symphony. We were backstage after the concert, because we know several of the musicians. The hall had cleared out mostly, but plenty were still there. We were in kind of a wide hallway. I knew something was going on when the conversation stopped and everyone was looking at me. I think they were unsure until my husband motioned toward a smaller hallway were there were dressing rooms. I was dressed to the nines for the concert, so I had suspected anything. All of the sudden I was sort of pushed down the other hallway. They grabbed me and told me to be quite. I saw the look on my husband and knew he was in on it. I was incensed. I said. "Oh no. Not here. Are y'all crazy? Not here." It made no difference. Something went in my mouth, and they held me while someone pulled the straps off my shoulder. Someone else lifted my dress. There was no foreplay to soften it a little. At the time, I was truly scared of getting caught, so I was resisting a little. They were holding me when the first man licked me only a little before fingering me. I could still hear other people around the corner. Some one said, "**** her." That was it. They were holding me against the wall and ******* me in the hall. If anyone would have seen it, they would have thought rape. Then they took me in one of the rooms. By that time I needed to be ******. They were pretending to rape me, and I was playing along. I remember saying to myself, "I guess I am a ****. **** me like one. Or, rape me good."
I was a real mess. Most people were gone by the time they finished with me, but there were still at least thirty or forty people backstage when we came out. They had *** in me, but I was scared some was on my dress. I had wiped some cun off my leg, and the feel of my messy panties were reminding me that I had been ******. People who we knew were speaking to us as we left. I was so nervous that I thought I was going to be sick. I was trying not to look anyone in the face. I was like I knew they knew what just happened to me. They had taken my shoes off and one of the straps would not buckle for some reason. I have never felt so just ******. Thankfully, my husband had his hand around my waist.
We were all going to dinner where we knew others were going. We went with a guy who had a large SUV. Of course they put me in the back and My husband sat up front. They teased me all the way and felt me a lot. I thought they were going to do it to me in the back seat when one guy touched me. We made it to the restaurant mostly uneventful. The ride back to our car was a different story. They passed me from lap to lap ******* me again. One guy made me swallow when he came in my mouth. My husband had his way when he got home.
This was two days ago. I am worried about what could be next. It no doubt was the hottest sex I have ever had, but it was almost traumatic at first. My husband wants me to make a film. He promises to keep up the surprises.
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Your husband is a lucky man!

Fabulous Story...!

Would love to see the before and after pictures... you dressed to thrill!

Wow! That's a hot story! I like how it went from scared of getting caught to you needed to be ****** when they got you in the room. Thanks for sharing this! I hope your hubby gets that video!

Wow! That's a hot story! I like how it went from scared of getting caught to you needed to be ****** when they got you in the room. Thanks for sharing this! I hope your hubby gets that video!