Chica Freaka

Thats what hubby likes to call me, his freaky Chica. We have been on swing sites and meeting peope in the lifestyle for over four years now. His focus is and always has been on me having fun. He has played a few times but says he prefers to watch and tag team me with other guys. So we have had several mfm **********, and I have played with a few guys at parties.

Up until recently, our playtimes with others have been few and far between. For several months now hubby has been teasing me about hooking up with a black guy. It soon became our little flirt between us, and I often text him and say I am about to meetup with two black guys while he is at work. I found myself searching out profiles and flirting with more black men online, I actually wanted to do this, and soon!

We had setup a few meets with a couple of guys over the next several weeks, but for one reason or another, we never did meetup. Last weekend we decided to go up to KC, about 2 1/2 hours drive, to specifically meet one very well hung guy I have been chatting with. Long story short, he had some excuse not to show up. But I posted on my sexylatina_milf profile that I would be in the area, and another guy I had been wanting to meet ended up working right around the corner from our Hotel and contacted me. He was a tall, athletic black man, 40 years old and good looking! We had only chatted and traded a few pics until then. Huibby and I always prefer to meet somewhere public for the first time, but he ended up texting this guy and gave him our room number. He then told me I would soon be ******* my first black guy. BTW, I don't really like the label ****.. but oh well.. I know it is not meant badly in this forum.

"L" showed up a few hours later, still mid afternoon, and I was very turned on by his appearance an deep voice with a slight accent. I just kind of stayed dressed on the bed while we all chatted until hubby started taking my clothes off. L said he would have never guessed I would be shy, after seeing my play pics. I told him yes, I was a bit shy at first. I was now down to a bra and panties and hubby pulled those away. L sat me on the edge of the bed and began to touch me and move is large hands all over my body as he commented on my soft smooth skin. He then slowly licked me from just below my naval to my neck several times. It was very sensuous and I was liking it. He then layed me down on the bed and went down on me. Him and hubby were still fully clothed. My husband started snapping pics. This guy was very good at this, he had me worked up in a hurry. At one point while my husband had his back to us fiddling with the camera, L started slurping and sucking on me like crazy. Hubby turned around with the noises it was making, and my moaning in approval, and started snapping more pics.

L backed away and started to undress while hubby motioned for me to suck his ****. I sat back up on the edge of the bed and took out his ****, it was nice and thick and a decent length, he was still somewhat soft as I took him in my mouth. He was kind of coaching me how he liked it, and at the same time his hands were still moving all over me. At one point it tickled me and pulled away and laughed.. I had to tell him I was ticklish in certain spots. That did not last too long and layed me back down and slipped on a condom and held his black **** at the opening of my *****, I was so wet and hot for this he had no trouble getting inside of me. He felt damn good in me and we soon had a good groove going. Hubby still had his clothes on and was walking around us taking pics.

L pulled my legs up and pumped into me deeply, I had *** a few times in this position. Then he flipped me over and started pounding me from behind, hubby now took off his clothes and was trying to get his **** in my mouth. I was able to take hubby's **** in my mouth for a while, but the ******* I was getting just felt too damn good and I kept my attention on my new black lover. We ****** for almost two hours in several positions while hubby got a few more pics and vids. He never did ***, too bad, I really wanted it! After we all got dressed, we chatted just a little and thanked him for coming over and agreed to meet again. I really liked him and plan on seeing him again. That evening our plans fell through to meet with anyone else :( I called him back, but he was about an hour away and had plans with vanilla friends. There is one EP member I wish I would have remembered chatting with, Mr. bigcock00001, if you read this, sorry we missed that chance, but I plan to go back for more and you will get an invite as well

So now by the next weekend I was ready for more black ****! I have been so horny all week, and was busy looking at new potential playmates online. A nearby soldier guy contacted me, we had arranged to meet before, but he was called in to duty that evening. He wanted to come down from the base (about 80 miles away) and see me Friday night. Hubby texts him and told him to bring a buddy without telling me. Once again he set it up with out meeting somewhere first, he just gave them our address! I was a bit nervous knowing I was about to get ****** by two black guys tonight, but I was also very excited! I just hoped they were both hot and had nice *****!

Soon after I got home from work, hubby was texting them. They said they would be here in about an hour and a half. I started drinking a few beers to relax and loosen up! Oh, I forgot to mention, we had a wild little storm blow through right about 5pm and our power was out!! I was pissed about that, it was starting to get hot in the house. The guys asked if I still wanted them to come play, hubby told them yes, we would light candles if needed! Well, it started getting dark and I gathered some candles and placed them around the living room, bedroom and bathrooms. Hubby had a cooler full of ice and kept our drinks cold! The lights came back on just before they showed up and we cranked the A/C down!

We both went to the door to greet them, they introduced themselves as "Z" and "D", really.. that was how they did it. "Z" was the guy I had chatted with already. He was tall and thin, 38yrs had a nice smile and I was attracted to him. His friend "D" was a bit taller and a bit chunky 29yrs od and was also attractive. We all sat in the living room and chatted, mostly hubby and Z did the talking. D was just layed back and kinda shy as was I. They talked alot about how boring it was around the base, and that there was nothing to do, let alone meet any chicks without everybody knowing what everyone else was doing. Hubby then said we all know why we are here and started telling them our rules. He told them no anal play unless I started it, also since they are military and tested often, he said they could play bareback and put their *** anywhere they wanted. He told them I am not aggressive and like to be told what to do, to take the lead and if there was something I did not like, I would say so. I soon excused myself to go to the restroom. I ******** down to a sexy little bra and panties and told them to come on!

The three of them walked into the bedroom and the two guys jaws dropped when they looked at me. Hubby started reaching for a camera and they both quickly ******** and layed me on the bed. It took them no time at all to get things started, one of them went down to lick me while the other placed his **** up to my mouth. Z had a very nice **** and syayed very hard and worked me over well. D also had a nice ****, but was often semi hard only, and he did not seem to have the stamina that his buddy had. But they worked me over pretty good for about an hour and a half. One or the other was always pounding my ***** while another had a **** in my mouth and face ******* me. I got up from the bed after awhile t get a drink and Z bent me over the sink and started plowing me. Hubby was taking lots of pics as they took turns with me there, then he excused himself to go out for a smoke, I think he just wanted me to have some time alone with both of them. After all I knew he had my laptop camera recording it all! He was gone from the room for awhile.

I bent over for D to **** me doggie style while I worked over Z's lovely ****. D started stoking me hard and fast and soon he started to groan and I came as he dumped his load in me. I looked up at Z as I took his **** from my mouth and said it was his turn, he said I guess so! When hubby came back in, Z was ponding me hard doggie style and I was ******* again. He looked at D standing there and asked him why he was not playing and D told him he was done, wore out and limp! Hubby told Z he needed a new wingman! :)

Z ****** me alot more, but never did ***, I was now worn down and asked to stop.. I had a lot of fun. We all dressed and soon said our goodbyes and thank you's. When they left hubby wanted to mount me but I was really worn out. he said, "that's ok.. you can just lay there and I will make a mess of you!" He agreed to let me wait, but all through the night he would play with me. By the morning I was damn horny again! We went through the day doing our chores and what needed done, then hubby asked if I was ready for another big black **** that night. I said yes! We were contacted by another guy that had chatted with us, he was in town and we tried to hookup with him, but he was stuck wih a friend and could not get away. We went out for a few drinks and bar flirts then went home and hubby ****** me good. I love how he sucks on my *****!

Now here it is another week and I am till just damn horny all the time now. I want to **** three guys next! I told hubby it is all his fault and he said he knew exactly what he was doing. I think he must have put a spell on me LOL..

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havent seen the pics, but i really like your writing


great pics do you have these in your photo album. You look very happy with a black **** in you. I would like to see your other pics. enjoy

Chica, You are having some hot times. The pics are awesome! I would love to be with a woman I could watch and share. It is such a hot lifestyle!

Thanks guys! ::kisses::

Ok .... That is f'ing hot!!! I have some triples on here too, but girl when you added the pics I got WET instantly!!! Very good story and I hope you keep posting. I will certainly look forward to your stories ;)