Get Wisdom

When we become a woman of wisdom

we will feel good because...

we would have stood for what is right

not because everyone else does!

we would have stayed true to our values

seeing our resiliency

we would began to learn our strengths

and inadequacies

we can work on refining and not commit to fall

we can began to love ourselves and get beyond

certain walls

we won't be controlled by people or worry about what they think

when we start obeying God who cares what people think

The Bible says Wisdom is the principal thing and with all thy getting 

get understanding." (King James Version- Holy Bible).


Why not get wisdom now it will preserve our life.

Wisdom will bring us joy and keep us out of strife

But sometimes we learn to late, after the hurt and pain

after we have many regrets and after we have lost some things

why not learn now and save generations to come

and impart wisdom to our daughters and our sons

God doesn't want us unhappy chasing empty dreams

he's not here to play games or any of those things

we need to get serious about our life; are we going to waste it

or live a productive life. life is to short; a wise woman invests

she knows who she is and she's nothing less

know who you are by the choices that you make

are you a wise woman or will you learn it to late

Get Wisdom!

Mentoring Mentoring
41-45, F
Feb 20, 2010