My Last Day

todays is my last day of work ex sice i have done this i have guained a hell of alot of self confidace on the first morning i feelt my worst like i was ganna cuck wich i did but thats because it kinda builded up on me now that i look back on that i think why and how the other day was a kinda crazy feeling of i dont wanna go there and i do (there = dilever ,milk to a skool) i hate seeing other teens thats probly why i dont go out to partys n stuff but i realy wanted to go there it was a bit much i sat in the truck craping me self because they were all out side looking into the truck windows at me i was flippin out but i wanted it to continue so i got out the truck thats (wen i got red) and looked at the groung i told my self what good is this going to do me so i sruggeled but i did i aventualy lifed my head high and looked around me shoue there were manny eyes looking in my direction but i was right i didnt care i amedity thought i was cured but thats when i seen the hotest guy and i was staring at him for eva and thats when he noticed i went red and started to put my head down but them i stoped and told my self dont you idot and then continued doing the job see i never would have done that but i shourly did thatks to me work ex 
Rebirth Rebirth
18-21, M
Aug 16, 2007