I Hate Me...

I use to be anorexic and was about 98lbs after people started to notice my weight i started to eat more. soon i started eating so much and would binge everyday. currently i am 130lbs and im so depressed. i binge eat ever day and i just cant stop. is there anyone out there who knows how i feel and what im going through...
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5 Responses May 19, 2012

Yeah I'm the same :(
All I can say is make sure to eat proper meals and snacks , don't ever restrict after or you will keep repeating the binge pattern.
It may be hard but usually after anorexia when your body gets back to its natural healthy weight it will stay there so try not to be to hard on yourself

I relate to this so much. I used to be anorexic I reached my lowest weight this year when I relapsed and at some point in my recovery something snapped. Now I've been binging everyday and at my highest weight ever.

it is terrible how you feel especially after the bing, I know what you go through..

I know how you feel, bingeing is so annoying..its hard to break the cycle..i guess it just takes some serious will power and determination, guess i gotta work on that..heh-heh..

I would ask for professional help which will help deal with your emotions