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I feel like an addict - I go through periods where i get under control but when life "takes it up a notch" it is my go to drug. I have been trying hard again and yesterday wasw really stressful - I was running errands after a long work day and it was crowded, I could not find what I needed and my anxiety went through the roof - I wanted to explode, scream, come out shooting .... something...I ate to huge soft pretzels in a few minutes intead.... numb was betteer but now?

SOme days I fell rage welling up inside if I try to avoid a binge un releting - until I eat...

I was anorexic from age 14 - 16 then bulimic 16 - 18... I stopped the purge but the binge remained
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1 Response Nov 27, 2012

I kind of know how you feel.I've been struggling with my eating and body image for a really long time now..I used to have BED and thought I got rid of it but about six months ago I went through a really bad experience and it popped up again.I can't seem to control it anymore.
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