Looking For Friends to Talk About This With

 i am a professional successful woman. i am a good friend and wife. i am conscientious and helpful. but i can not find the strength inside myself to stop binge eating and take care of myself. i worry i can't get pregnant because i need to loose 30 pounds. am i gaining weight because i am worried about being pregnant? i am a survivor of rape and wonder if somewhere for as much as i think i've "dealt
 with things i am keeping this extra weight on as protection.

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1 Response Mar 21, 2009

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I was almost 260 pounds when I got pregnant. Doctors and nurses warned me about everything concerning my overweight. I was so happy nothing happened, our baby is very healthy and normal.<br />
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I went to a psychologist to talk about my binge eating and she told me I should go see a psychiatrist, which I intend on doing in two weeks. My binge eating goes way back into my childhood, I have issues with my father, I've always had issues with my father... he never says anything nice about me, he even told me it was my fault I had cancer. Yeah... It's no wonder I need help... <br />
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I strongly suggest you also get professional help, I've fought so long with this disorder and it really isn't easy to tackle when it's clearly linked to something in your past. <br />
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Or at least give it a try... you never know, it might actually help you.