Day Wetting / Bed Wetting Problems

I have had day wetting / bed wetting problems throughout my whole life . As a child I wet the bed and was belted for it or my mother used to rub my nose in it or place me into a cloth nappy and get my older and younger brother to laugh at me. Well that made the situation worse. I started to wet my pants at school at the age of 6years through to 8yrs then again at 13yrs - 15 yrs.after being molested and being physical assulted on a regular basis. My bed wetting still lingered on but I learnt new ways of not being found out. I became super helpful especially on sheet change day. I used to put my sheets into the manual washing machine first, so I was never really found out. Then the move to Australia came at 17yrs and I started to wet my pants at school ie not make it to the toilet. I had to walk around wet hence I never made any friends, My bed was still getting wet but I still used to help with the washing. My mother either never new or did not care. I have a neurological disorder that I was born with and has now being found out to be the cause. Bladder retraining has failed. I need to wee but I never get there on time. Or I feel mysef wetting my pants and wonder why I am getting wet until it is too late. Well the night time or could I say in the morning I wake up to a very wet clth nappy. I have heard by wearing cloth it give one an awareness of or becoming wet. That is a big lie. I am single because I have heard men say nasty things about adult female pants/bed wetters. I work in the medical field (I am not a Doctor) so I am reluctant in that area or I am afriad if I wee on my male friend he will disown me. I think the ealier punishments + the abuse country change, neurological disorder plays a big part in my continual wettness. So there I have confessed.
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let me say this I was married lost her to cancer I wet day and night for 62 yrs my was very understanding and when we be more serious about each other she confessed to me that she also was a bedwetter we dealt with our problems together

if you were here in the U.S.A. I would put you on a throne and give any thing you wanted I guess having been there and done that own the tee shirt it would never be a problem for me

U dont have to feel bad. My husband has prostate cancer and many bladder problems on top of that. Belive me hes wet the bed many many times. And to be honest hes even peed on me one night. He feels the same way u do, about me gettin mad at him but i know he cant help it. I love him all the same and would never disown him. If u find a guy who really loves u, he will too

U dont have to feel bad. My husband has prostate cancer and many bladder problems on top of that. Belive me hes wet the bed many many times. And to be honest hes even peed on me one night. He feels the same way u do, about me gettin mad at him but i know he cant help it. I love him all the same and would never disown him. If u find a guy who really loves u, he will too

For me it was very similar my parents did take well to my incontinence either I was molested by the dr whom was supposed to be helping me and when I tried to the folks about it all it got me was another beating for telling such a terrible lie I had it both way I was forced diapered by my mother till 25 all through school yes even in high school I had to be changed by the nurse very embarrassing to be a young man in high school have the school nurse change you

Honestly, you just need to find an understanding guy that enjoys diapering as a pastime and you can work out all the other details of being a couple. There's lots of Aussie's in dipes, so this should be something you can accomplish in life. Try for some Aussie connects.

BTW, your security setting are preventing people from adding you as a fan/friend, in case you didn't know.

been in many similar situations myself.
wet love xx

im also a teen wetter 18 male day/night sometimes i even mess myself so now my fiance n my mom make me wear cloth diapers with locking plastic pants becuz i take them off becuase its too embrassing n now my sooon to be wife locks them n makes wear 5 extra padding when she goes to work cuz she takes the key. so im with u there but its kinda like im being babied even at night she makes me wear them otherwise i cnt sleep with her. then when shes mad at me she'll hide the key for a whole day or more n like she taking total control:/ idk what to do

Your wetting doesn't put me off a bit. In fact I love it. I stay wet most of the time. I hope you will add me as a friend.<br />
<br />

Hi zebrah20. You aren't alone. And I wouldn't worry so much about what "some men" say about female pants/bed wetters, for there are other men out there that would love that. You can still find a good partner that is understanding. And there are some of us, that would really love it it you wee'd on us. So don't be bashful. Go out and find you a loving partner.<br />
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I too have bed wetting and day wetting accidents and have been outed by most of my real world friends and been abused for it .It was caused by my childhood sexual abuses that happened to me from the time I was 5 till I was 17 and I have fibromyalga and know the embarasment of the wetting can be but know I would love to be a friend to you and ba able to talk to you as I am lonely because of this issue and know the pain of being made the laughing stock of the home and town .I really would like to talk to you and be a friend to you if you would add me so we could talk through p/m and not have to put it all in here .

i wish i had a friend like you as i am a bed wetter and pee my panties too

Yes, but do you like it?

Hi Jane, you're not alone in this, happy to chat. I wear nappies at night which ensure a stress free nights sleep

yes true wet on me any time

I for one wouldn't mind in the slightest if a woman wet on me and I bet most men on here would feel the same.

my birth mother thought by wearing the wet pants on my head it would help<br />
<br />
after i was marriend at 13 my wifes mother could care less as we both took care of each otheras we both wore diapers

What a horrible thing to do. I hope in her next life karma pays her a visit. It makes my blood boil, some people should never have the gift of having children.

What a terrific statement, I agree with you 100%, I just hope karma works.

sorry to hear you had a bad time most of us bed wetters have had some bad times but your not alone and it would be lovely to have a girl friend like you i would never mind you wetting the bed and weeing all over me i would always love you no matter what you did if you wanted to wear nappies that would be cool as well,, so please add me sweet cheeks your so lovely x

pull ups work great for day cloth at nigh if you want friend please add <br />
<br />
hyro tubs are nice too

I woke up in a very wet bed / kylie. I bought two new washable pants/plastic backed that was supposed to hold 880ml. But they were wrong or I may of wet more than twice. I don't think so. I will be going back to my pre fold cloth nappy tonight,

There is no substitute for a good cloth nappy when you wet the bed.

Really Rustyziper I wish I had a friend Like you instead of being laughed at and picked on which made the situation a whole lot worse.

That's a shame. If you were running around in my school with wet pants, I'd have been following you around like a puppy. I know there are lots of eager wetters here on EP that would love a wet girl like you.