Sleepover Time.

I was invited for a sleepover by my friend Raymond, and three other boys would come too. I'm sixteen, Ray and two others are fifteen, and the youngest was fourteen. We know each other from sport and living in the same village. My parents and little brother were away the weekend, so I could use some company. Now there was only this issue, that since last summer I wet my bed again, with (short) dry periods, but it started every time again. So my parents made me wear drynites, wich kept my bed dry but it didn't take my problem away.
Now I was having a dry period, but for how long? Should Itell the boys or keep it hidden? For sure I didn't want to be the laugh of the weekend. I still hadn't decided what to do when I went over to his place, but I had packed my drynites anyways.. (Despite the advices of some EPmembers I hadn't made up my mind yet). When we were all there, Ray's father (who is a nice guy working in a nearby hospital) welcomed us and showed us around the house. In Raymond's room he had put matrasses all around and then he told us this: "Being a nurse I know that it happens to lots of boys who sleep in another bed than their own that they can wet the bed by accident. Especially when you drink more sodas and go to sleep late, so I put protection on all matrasses. If necessary, there are some spare sleeping bags". When Raymond's father left us alone Ray told us he had an accident maybe 2-3 times a month, as a result of sleeping tight. The others nodded understanding, so I took my chance and told them I had wet my bed a couple of times since summer holiday so I wore drynites now to be sure. Then the youngest friend (J.) admitted he too wore diapers for the night, and was glad he didn't have to hide them from us. So by then the party could begin!
After a late late night with dvd and Wii and snacks and sodas we finally fell asleep.
Next morning J. had a wet diaper, Raymond had wet his bed and hadn't noticed it, and my drynite was dry. We all din't make a fuzz about it, and had a very nice day after that.
At the end of the day all were gone but me. because I was to stay one more night. And this time Raymond asked me wether I was going to wear a drynite, since I didn't use it last night, and we wouldn't make it that late either. O.K.. let's try it without I said. Boy, did I sleep well that night, wearing nothing but a T-shirt. Sunday morning I woke up early, and found myself laying in a wet bed. So I got up, took a shower, and wondered how long it would go on this way. When Raymond woke up he was dry, and he was optimistic about me. At least you tried, and one night you managed to stay dry while I had an accident. So when shall we have our next sleepover?
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Yes you have made a few good friends and it was the right thing to tell them about your small problem.Well done you the weekend was successful for you and your friends.Ask them to your house next time.Playpen.

I had some sleepovers then, but my best friend Ray moved away and I lost contact with the others after some time.
So I'm pretty back on myself now. Luckily I got a closer contact with my little brother recently!

That was really a great experience. what could have been quite embarrassing ended up very well. It was so nice that you avoided any teasing for wearing the drynites.

keep trying.It will happen you are getting to the age when our bodies change..Keep using you drynite and sooner or later you will stop and you will enjoy yourself...Binkeyboy

Planning a sleepover to include someone else who also wets the bed is a good idea. That way they can both understand that it's not that uncommon and is not shameful.

I just read that you had tried "alarms", so I guess you tried this screen thing I used already? I know it will stop for you eventually, I hope it stops very soon. Good luck.

Thanks. I did try an alarm like that, I slept through it or put it off sleeping or so.
I have dry nights now, but mostly my diaper is wet in the morning. I try not to think about it too much and hope it'll end.

It's great that you write about it and your friends and you are open and honest about it now. I had a terrible bewetting problem growing up. I don't remember how old I was when it stopped, but, it went on at least into my early teens. But there wasn't really a market for things like drinites then, and I was always hiding it and having to do all kinds of sneaky things to conceal it, like when I wet my sleeping bag on a boyscout camping trip.<br />
<br />
However, my parents did know, of course, and after taking me to the doctor, taking a pill (which I learned later was a sugar pill, LOL!), my parents tried an old-fashioned remedy. They got what's called a bed-wetting screen for me. It's a flexible screen that goes under the sheets, connected to a box that sits by the bed. When you wet the bed, an alarm goes off. Then you have to get up, change the sheets, change your pajamas, clean yourself off, and then go back to bed.<br />
<br />
Well, it worked! I don't know why that worked and nothing else did, but for whatever reason it did work. I may have still wet after that very rarely, like when I was camping, because I didn't want to get out of my sleeping bag late at night. But as for wetting my bed or wetting at sleepovers, that never happened again. Good luck to you, I hope it stops very soon. I know how difficult it can be.

Hi!<br />
<br />
I can understand you don't like having to wear the dry nites..<br />
<br />
You wrote you start wettting the bed again? Any idea why? Been sick or so?<br />
You already thought of trying some bladder training? That might help.<br />
Do you also have to pee more often during daytime? For how long can you hold it during daytime from the moment you feel the first urge?<br />
<br />
Well, feel free to reply or add me ok? Always nice if I can help someone with anything.<br />
<br />
Laterss!<br />
<br />
Jelle<br />
The Netherlands

I started bedwetting after last summer. I wrote about it in my story 'First at the beach, now in bed".
I tried an alarm, Dry Bed Training, and so on, but nothing really helped.
The doctor says it probably is a side effect from growing and sleeping deeply and I shall outgrow it. Can't wait however.

Sorry, I don't have a solution for you. It just happens to some and sometimes it doesn't go away. I am also having accidents and can't control them. Somehow you will want to get re-potty trained so your body doesn't get used to going in a diaper. Do you have any day accidents? Last year I just kinda had a little desire to try wearing a diaper and did it for several weeks. The problem is, I wasn't able to just quit and now I actually have real accidents. I even have to wear one in the day. It gets really awkward to change in a gym or thinkgs like that.

Last weekend I tried it without the goodnites but then I wet the bed, so I'm wearing them now to be sure. (And I wet them 3 out of 4 nights). Luckily it happens only in my sleep or when I'm just waking up but not fully aware yet. In the day I feel when I have to go, only when I wait too long I maybe spill a few drops or a ittle squirt. I suppose more boys experience this, seeing them sometimes grabbing their willie. But that occurs to me seldom and no reason for a diaper during the day.

I feel lousy, but it's better than soaking in a wet bed I'd say. And I get more or less used to it.<br />
Luckily I still have my dry periods too, it gives me hope for the (near) future.<br />
Up till now I didn't hear much about bedwetting, it wasn't until last weekend that I found out there really are more friends like me. So I have no explanation for our problem. We live in a village, clean air, active life outside, maybe that's why we sleep deep, but if you have a better answer (and a solution) please let me know.

Wow, that was great it worked out that you could let your friends knnow you are a bedwetter and wear diapers. Theat seems so weird that all our friends bedwet a little. Why do you think so many of your friends are bedwetters? How do you feel about having to wear a diiaper at night?