My Brother Started Bedwetting

My 13 yr old brother that has been teasing me about my bedwetting started bedwetting again, ha ha. Our family rule is 2 straight days of bedwetting means night protection until you are dry for 7 straight nights. So, our mom didn't want to be buying Goodnites for 2 bedwetters and got out the old large bulk package of Pampers Cruisers. I don't like them because of the tabs, but I kinda like seeing my brother go through this since he made such a big deal about how I was the baby of the family. He is soooo mad. We're now in competition to see who can get dry for 7 days straight. I am curious if this becomes a long-term thing or just a one-time occurrence for him. His first 2 straight days of bedwetting was Tuesday and Wednesday. So, starting Thursday, he had to be in Cruisers (along with me). He was then dry on Thursday and Friday. He was completely staying away from fluids on those 2 nights. Last night we had a lot to drink at a movie and then when we went to get our free re-fills of soda after the movie, he said he didn't want one. I started teasing him it was because he was afraid of wetting the bed. So, he took me up on the challenge and got a large re-fill and drank lots. Then, he woke up with a wet diaper this morning. This was the first time he had wet with a pull-up on and he was disgusted with having a wet diaper on him. This was a little payback for all the teasing he gave me the last several months lol. At least now he will stop teasing me.
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when you wrote this you said your brother was 13 yrs old. How were you at the time?

I will always prefer tape style diapers over pull-ups and here is why: If a Pull-Up doesn't fit right, you're pretty much screwed and it will leak. Pull-ups are expensive for what they can absorb. A tape-style brief (to avoid the term "diaper") can be custom fit to your body and will hold much more fluid, keeping your bed dry all through the night. I never wore Pull-ups to bed and I never will. My accidents are limited to 2-3 times a month, but because I'm traveling for my job a lot and I sleep in Hotel Beds a lot, wearing a diaper to bed (where nobody will know about it) seems the lesser evil over a wet and smelly hotel bed the next morning.

I think it's a fair and understandible rule in your family, but seven nights dry would be difficult to me!<br />
Do you think you and your brother will manage to keep dry so long?

We haven't been able to keep dry for 7 days yet

You and your brother now know what it is like to be the teaser and then the one being teased. Hopefully you learned a lesson. Since you are using pampers with tapes, who tapes up your diapers for both of you?

Our mom is having us help each other. I think she is a little disgusted having 2 teens back in night protection.

My mom always put the diaper on me. It was hilarious as I got older.

My mom diapers me and my little brother. Doesn't seem to bother her.

Vengeance is a dish best served wet ;-)