Bed Wetter At 22

hi im 22 and still have bed wetting accidents i have been wetter all my life i have a small bladder so i wet the bed every night to age 14 them start to slowly down i only wet  my bed  1or 2 x week now i dont wear diaper unless im not sleeping at home then i wear cloth and plastic pants i have plastie sheets on my bed i sleep in boxers and  tee when im home and i still some have pants wetiing accidents  when i try hold it  to long  when that happen i soak my pants most the time

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5 Responses Aug 8, 2009

I have a normal size bladder, but still wet the bed at night. I wet 5-6 nights a week, and wear diapers to protect the bed. But some nights I still flood my diapers and get the bed wet, in fact I woke up to the wettest diaper I have ever had this morning. It was actually quite stimulating to be in such a soggy diaper.

Once or twice a week....... Lucky! I still wet the bed every night. But there are worse things.

I would agree don't worry about it. I am 47 and still wet my bed nearly every night. It is no big deal.

well i also wet the bed and have plastic sheets and wear goodnites

Well, dont worry about it, or let it bother you. I have been wetting my bed for 48 years. It doesnt bother me anymore to wet the bed at night.