Closeeee Call


I always soak the bed as some of us know =P But I peed on a full bladder last night and I didnt change my sheets or anyhting afterwards (I never do...) But I woke up around 6 AM and felt that the bed was rediculously warm. It couldnt be from last night cause the pee is always cold in the morning... and I had the window open so everything else was cold, but the hot wet spot around my ***... I really wet the bed! I was really proud of myself at first. Actually I was all day, but my grandmother walked into my room and said she smelt something weird... X__X I almost really peed myself when she said that XD I got away with it and said that I was sweating a lot cause I had a fever last night, and shes just like okay then, and i got a huge fan to dry my bed. BUT. I actually peed so much that it soaked through all 3 blankets, the sheets, and way into the matress @_@ I feel naughty but I hope my grandparents dont suspect something hehe...

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I rather do it in unprotected bed.

what I do is I always sleep on my back. Whenever I want to pee myself I put an old towel under me so I don't stain the sheets. That way the pee is caught for a cool feeling in your *** and the pee is all over your body. It feels good (being a guy, with my **** releasing pee AWAY from my area, but being a girl, it should feel good dripping down your vulva into your vagina and ***)

I pee every night and the mattress is protected by a shower curtin. About 2 AM a full load comes out. I would like somebody to be there with me and pee on each other.

lover it that your wetting the bed but as everyone is saying plastic sheet on your mattress you need it or it will start to stink of **** and you will be found out and someone may see the **** stain on your mattress so get it coved , but do carry on the bed wetting and enjoy just like i do

I wwet the bed naked. Its fun. The mattress is always protected. Good luck bed wetting.

i just bought a comfortsheild matteres protector and it great, the matteres doesnt get at all wet even after a big accident but it was a bit pricey, still cheaper than a new matteress

Waterproof mattress pads (the good kind) cost around $30, but you can get a shower curtain, or shower curtain liner for just a few dollars. They make effective mattress protectors, but can be noisy. And you may need an extra la<x>yer (like an old, thin bedspread) beneath the sheet to keep you from sweating while laying on it, as well as keeping the crinkling noises to a minimum. You will need to wash the bedspread every once in a while, too. By the way...the picture for this group is my wet water bed. That's another good solution for those who like to wet, since the mattress is already waterproof! Keep up the naughty fun :-)

I dunno I guess? XD

Good job! She thinks pee smells like sweat? (wait, does it? it's been a while >_

K i'll think about that :P<br />
And thanks ^^ I will

Perhaps you should invest in a mattress protector and some febreez to keep the smell from getting too strong. I love your stories, btw. Very sexy and naughty. Keep having your wet fun, and keep posting. I find it very erotic when a girl wets the bed. I love it. Pee for me!