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Still Confused??

well i got blocked by someone whom i took as a good friend of mine (sad),i don't know why i got blocked and still amazed.Actually we had a 'kind of debate' on some topic and it ended up well ,but the next day wen i tried to message ,it say "sorry you are blocked" that was sooooo sad to me ,i was actually *laughing(and still laughing) "why did i got blocked????"* but i didn't block him back because maybe somewhere i must have gone wrong but it was very saddening:(
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sometimes it happen and if it does dont feel bad about it and just let it go and its his/her lost not for you because you treat them as your friend even this ep is virtual in everyway all that we have here is human being not robots though we use different avatars and pen name we are still humans right so if some are not happy about it then just let it go...

I try to avoid internet debates. They can become very angry, heated and pointless, just causing hurt and frustration. I'm sorry this happened with you. And sometimes people are more sensitive than we realise. Maybe it really got to him :(

I just think it can be hard to know on the net, my friend :(