A Funny Thing Has Just Happened To Me

I was sent the following PM and then immediately blocked...

ctjmur Jul 14, 2012 4:32 PM

I have to say putting a picture like that in your profile is like ,putting food down for a hungry dog and then expecting him not to eat it.
So I don,t think complaining about attracting perverts is necessary there fault

Again, don't care but wonder do people really have nothing better to do?

Also, comparing adult human beings who are in full control of their actions to a hungry dog? How does that make any sense?  I supposed he/she also believes that if I wear a form fitting dress and heels to work I am asking to be sexually harassed. Simple minded.


DeeLisa DeeLisa
31-35, F
3 Responses Jul 14, 2012

WTH? More commentary from the peanut gallery. Crazycrap.

This guy has no balls.<br />
Otherwise he would have:<br />
1. understood the underlying reason for that (and shouldn't have taken it so personal unless he was, in fact, a creep/pervert)<br />
2. Used some better reasoning because his analogies suck. Comparing perverts to dogs? Hmm..not helping your cause, buddy. <br />
And, lmao you are right - that's like saying if you dress provocatively, then you should expect to be raped. WTF <br />
3. It's quite pathetic he wanted to come in, drop his PM and hurry and block you. That's a wimp. It's better that you don't see his *** floating around.

EXACTLY!!!! As usual, great minds.

If you where wearing a form fitting dress to my work I would not herass you but, I probably could not take my eyes off you.