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Lol, Seriously.

People often do strange things, that make us stop and question their motives or sanity.

Today, I got blocked by someone called Hirafu, because I asked a question about Zodiac Sign and the traits of the sign individuals are proud to possess as part of the group. Fair enough, this topic is not for everyone. Personally, I do not believe in Zodiac signs, but as always I have a curiosity in what others believe. After all, isnt that what broadening our minds is all about, being curious about things that we ourselves may hold reservations to?

This is the ''conversation'' that was begun by him.

Hirafu: Sorry but I actually have a brain. I'll leave this dicussion to you imbeciles.

Me: Lol, you just came to have a hate rant here? What does that make you... insufferable and intolerant as well as ignorant? Get a sense of humour.

Hirafu: Get a brain.

Me: Oh, just get a life .... go hate elsewhere.

Hirafu :I'll hate wherever I want. You can always block me. Being blocked by imbeciles like you actually makes me happier.

Me: Lol.. fine, hate here and make an *** of yourself. I dont care enough to block you. Perhaps while you were getting a lot of brains, you forgot the station to humour. Goodbye.

Hirafu: Well I'll block you then so I don't have to see such ridiculous questions in the future.

End of conversation, blocked!.


This makes me wonder, what must he have been going through, to come pick on me, a stranger to him, for asking a question that is really not offensive and amongst the pool of questions, could have easily been ignored. Why do such people come aroung projecting their hatred to others because they lack tolerance?

The simple and easier thing to do, is ignore, what you dont like. Why go and spew out your hatred over something that is really not life changing or threatening. I mean, get a grip.

Phew... Now I feel better having vented. Sometimes these meaningless encounters can upset because I do not understand what I did to deserve this ....... but I am fine now.

Thanks for reading my rant.. whoever reached the end.
angelicsmiles angelicsmiles 31-35, F 54 Responses Dec 13, 2012

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Cancel i dont get how people can make a big deal over nothing gad you kept your cool :)

Lol. Thank you. :))

insufferable and intolerant as well as ignorant...I would say it can perfectly be the reason for blocking...I mean, people worry about blocking as if it were cutting their heads opinion? It was a fair, cant help being sincere and saying what I do believe... to me, being impolite, rude or offensive is more than enough reason to block...and I block for the simple reason of avoiding to get bad language or insults, just that. I'm neither approving nor justifying anything in the conversation you posted...not my business...just my opinion.

You do realise that this post was made over 2 years ago right? Yes at one point it bothered me to be blocked because I did not understand the dynamics of how people operated on here. Its good that you are sincere, you are just 2 years late.

No...not late at all...I did see it was from other time...what I mean is my answer would have been the same. Time doesn't change what's written, does it?

Time does change the perspective of things. E.g This kind of thing no longer bothers me. Like I said, when I joined this site, which is around the time I wrote this post, an unwarranted attack like this was not something I was used to. Yes I gave back as good as I got, but the point is, I was minding my own business when he came to attack me.

You said, people worry about being blocked as if it were cutting their heads off - which I think is a bit harsh. You see this is a social site and people have their sensitivities. When we are blocked we question why and it does touch on our sensitivities. And if people say why take a place like this seriously at all then it begs to question why those people end up wasting their time on a site they cannot take seriously.

Now... I would not blink an eye if anyone attacks me or blocks me. You see, I have come to expect it of people on EP. :))

Again, you're not getting me... I mean written words don't change, ok? not the way people change or, abt this being a social site, I was and I am and will be unchanged at all by EP, but that's me, not generalizing, just explaining...don't feel attacked when nothing in my intention abt it... maybe I'm sure abt myself and absolutely complete as a person before entering me EP is nothing different from going into a bar, having a coffee, chatting and then leaving ...but again, that's me. I'd say nobody should ruin their mood worrying about what people may have in mind when blocking... otherwise they would go are endlessly changing...endless liers, etc. just my point of view... tks for your time.

I think we are both not getting each other. Some people are just on different wavelengths, that is all. Thank you.

No...I do get your point...and know why people are here, on the most... not my reason at all. It's quite easy to get your point...clear, but I was just stating my thought, not saying I justify anyone or anything...

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May be somebody earlier predicted his nature and about him so might be that a reason....

Just a stupid reasoning am giving while thinking that why did he behave that way....,

It's old I know but I think there are people who just want to almost preach their viewpoint and others who genuinely want to learn, however uncomfortable that might be ... The latter often used closed questions ... The do you agree ... Type of question.... When I hear that it similar I know they aren't after your thoughts, just your acquiesce

I have had the chance to read him. He has inferiority complex disguised as a superiority complex.

Oh yeah. This happened at a time when I was new to this place and not used to such behaviour in people. Something like this I would not even blink and eye over any more. :)

That's good.

I found ur encounter with Hirafu hilarious...

Lol. Good it made you laugh. :)

internet is full of Crazy and dumb people !

Lol. Yes I learnt swiftly soon after. I was still new back then when this happened. Now this is so mild I wonder why it ever bothered me.

do not think a lot a about what happened .... just think about who is the next dub would be !?!

Nah.... I don't really focus on idiots. I am too busy having a laugh. :)

then ... just laugh ... and be happy ... do u know the song "Happy" ?

Not sure if I know the song. Maybe if I heard it. :)

Aah.. thank you. :) Lyrics are nice. Although, having a laugh and being happy are two different things. Just saying.


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Some people really just seem unhappy and this makes them feel better. I never let these kind of people get to me as they must really have no life at all.

Fair enough. I do not even blink an eye for such things any more. I guess I am EP hardened. :)

Its not just EP, its the internet as a whole. People know they can be rude and say things they would not normally say face to face and get away with it. It must make them feel better about their boring miserable

I agree with you. :)

While boasting about his brain, he forgot to tell you which sides of his brain is working , and I have a doubt if he really have white cell in his brain. His ranting tells me that he have more grey cell than white cell. He needs to take lots of multivitamin.

LOL. That's hilarious. :)

Haha....hirafu ;)

Lol... something tells me you've also had some acquaintance. :))

He must have thought ladies has blocked me much of times n now its my turn lol ;) :))

some times we might get blocked for no reason and left wondering "WTF" LOL..

You are wonderful. Hirafu blocks almost everyone. His questions show his mind.

Thank you. :)

Yes he blocks when he can't answer or he deletes the answers

I just feel sorry for him.

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I reached the end and I enjoyed it. You handled it well.

Thank you. :)

Not being blocked yet, but I got a VERY strange comment to one of my neutral experiences too... Indeed, when not used to it, it tends to unnerve you... This online life teaches some lessons!

It sure does because it brings you across the kind of people you would never be meeting in your offline life. :) You'll grow a thick skin to such in no time, just don't let them get to you.

Don't care enough to block but you care enough to butthurt you are. What a champ. So much for being one of the "rare good gems" of EP.

I never called myself anything .... but thank you for leaving your comments.

Newsflash boyo, whitknighting is slightly more repulsive that stealing from a children's hospital. So stop jumping into people's conversation, you poor excuse for a ******.

Demonizing the opposition, wanting to eradicate those who think differently than you, rallying into violence. Isn't that what the Germans did circa 1939? Blocked because you're disgusting, flagged for promoting fascism.

Some people are just plain stupid.probly should be in the mental ward.i got blocked by a 19 yr.old woman day befor yesterday cause i said i wouldnt have sex with an under age girl.said she had been screwing older guys sense 14.i dont play that crap.

Lol yeah now I find these things funny to observe. It is amazing what can wind someone up and how they react.

Thats the second time i been blocked.i dont know why i got blocked the first

I keep finding new people I have never interacted with, or do not remember interacting with who have blocked me. Meh. :) Life goes on.

It dosent bother me anymore.its their lose.cause i can be a good friend.

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Ha ha ha

You obviously did nothing to deserve this. No telling why this jerk targeted you and your question. My sense is that sometimes bullies like this will focus on people like you -- women who come across as very nice -- because they’re cowardly and sadistic. They tend not to pick on people like me because I’m a guy and I don’t always come across as particularly nice. I’m not as much fun for them to try to mess with. I’ve seen other women, including some of my friends, get treated in a similar fashion as you. They also didn’t do anything wrong and are very nice people. Sadly, people like Hirafu are almost certainly a permanent fixture on sites like this. Just try not to let them get you down. You’re a good person and so are the majority of people on EP.

Hey, thank you for your words. I was just so new on this site at that time, it shocked me. Now, this would not even make me blink my eyes. I have been told much much worse since. This is something I expect on this site as one side of the coin. :)

We all have to lose our innocence and develop a thicker skin, I guess. What you described isn't the worst I've ever heard, but it still sucks. Glad you can take it in stride now.

The other day, someone came to my question and prayed and wished for a terrible death for me. And he described it.... in detail. That shocked me for an hour or so and then I recovered. Before EP, never came across such people. Now, I expect such. :)

That is probably the worst thing I've ever heard of on Q&A on this site. I did see someone say something similar to that on another site one time. Hard to imagine what someone gets out of talking that way.

Feeds their ego when they manage to hurt someone else. They are full of bitter hurt and anger. And lash out in the worst possible ways. :) Life for them must be hard.

Your explanation makes sense. It must really suck to be them.

:) I think so. I now have to go, thank you for this. See you around.

You're welcome. Talk to you later :)

"The other day, someone came to my question and prayed and wished for a terrible death for me. And he described it.... in detail."

If someone says something like that to you, not only should you block that person but you should flag the post so that EP will see it. People like that should be kicked off the site.

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it really is ridiculous sometimes isn't it?? i find that most of these wackos don't even want to discuss their differing opinion either…they have their agenda and their is NO changing their minds!!

Lol, this was when I was new, naive to EP ways, with fresh bright eyes pondering over EP. And I got hit with this. Today, this would not make me think twice and I certainly would not write a story about it. I know not to expect manners and humanity here. :P Lol.

haha oh yes…EP veterans understand this COMPLETELY!

I think he just want to boost his ego, and nobody seems to care.

All his responses that I've seen so far is like that. I pity him!

Yes I have seen some of it too. Oh well.. whatever floats his boat. He is full of hate and rage.

I think that guy smokes plastic bags, and never shakes the sh it out beforehand.

Hahaha! I like that. :))

Experienced responses of milder nature made by only one person over the two consecutive questions I posted here. When she asked for clarification or did a remark, I gathered that it was her way of finding an outlet to express her bottled up anger or just egging somebody for a fight due to her emotional disposition. I responded politely and didnt give her what she wanted from me. :-) You know, what is worse than retaliating is to kill these people with kindness.

Eventually, I learned that. At this time I was so new here, I could not understand this behavior. Now, this would not make me blink twice. :))

Love it

would you believe me if i told you i have been blocked by more than 10 guys because of my avatar pic

The world if full of strange and unstable people thats not counting maybe 50 or more i blocked just because first messages i got from them was im a sl -- because of my picture

YEP weird people indeed makes me wonder how they get thru the day aftee they log off the site

Lol. Meh, these things now amuse me. :) And yes I believe you, I've come across strange things on this site. :))

I have already been blocked by people while I was smart and so... Sometimes people even send me several Pm's and after that "blocked"... Strange but... now... I don't take time anymore to wonder myself what could be their motivations ! :-)

This happened when I joined this site, totally unaware such behavior could exist ... now I would not bat an eyelid for this. :)

So true ! Me neither but I wonder how people can think that they can start to talk with someone and after : Blocked ! As if in real life you could start a discussion with someone and 1 second later be teleported in another place ! :-)
The worst thing : once blocked you have no right to answer anymore of course :-D I admit it makes me feel strange about people but I'm still new here on this website ! (And Thanks a lot for you who added me ! )

You're welcome. :)

I'll never be able to understand actions like these. Such ridiculousness! I totally do the same thing, as I too allow myself to get all worked up...... especially when I've done pretty much NOTHING wrong. Thanks for sharing :)

Thanks for reading and commenting. This kind of thing no longer bothers me anymore though. This was when I was new here and did not know people could behave this way. :)

the minute he said get a brain, you should have dropped the communication. if you were interested in having this bloke explain to you why he is an idiot, do you think the average person in the world, let alone EP has the maturity to do that?
they dont.

Well power of hindsight and all. I think in the 'world' people do not really come out guns blazing this way and it took me back a bit. But we learn and move on. :))

at least half do the blazing guns thing

Not in the circles I move around in. :) I don't see such behavior.

People can act nice and often truly are nice. And good.
But think: lord of the flies, survivor, big brother, the way women are towards other women, the competitive aggression of men, the actual rape gangs that dolphins form. Wot the joker said about humans in dark knight.
I m not saying the picture is dark. No. But if we don't intelligently prepare for the darkness that people can show on their journey through ignorance, we re in for some nasty shox sooner or later. :)

Yeah I got my semi nasty shock and actually learnt quite a bit more about the true colous of people on here. :)

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Too bad you ran into a moron like that. I remember a while back they were every where.

I think they are still there, I just got better at avoiding them. It is just a part of online society I guess, where anonimity brings courage and in some cases manifests into hostility and spewing out hatred openly. :)

Keep Asking Questions And Searching For The Correct Answers!!
If we all did this humanity and this planet would be doing much better right now. Thanks!!!!!

Thank you for those kind words. I can't seem to stop asking questions no matter how much I try to stop!

I remember asking my Dad many, many, questions when I was a little kid, he told me to shut up and stop asking so many questions. I never quit asking questions, except to him!!

I hope you never lose that sense of wonder. Someone told me this once and I tell you. When my seeking answers to questions gets too much, I remind myself of this. :)

He will get over it,

Lol.. this story is really irrelevant now. Was when I was still a newbie here and did not know the ugly side of people that anonymity enhanced and spat out on innocent bystanders. :) At least this is obvious and we know where we stand.

It was the same way with me I have been on here along time with lots of good friend and one day people came from no were my friends didn't want me to go but I came back, If you like you can see some of my photos here if you look up lespaulmark, you can see my photos, ;-) That is my stage name,

Would you mind sending me a link? :)

Some people are such idiots! The first question I answered when joining was to a young, from a particular ethnic group, that was asking if she should steal stuff from her teachers desk! People were actually encouraging her! OMG! I replied and kept my thoughts toned down,but Im sure someone will reply negatively to what I had to say!

Yeah, this also happened when I was newish here. Since then I have realised plenty like this person here, who just need to insult another to live another day. :) Thank you for reading and commenting.

Have been observing similar types at a local church.."insufferable,.intolerant,.and ignorant"
They slag off at anyone not obeying their every dictate..This week it was "non-jews",..'people getting romantic that are not married'..."unclean pigs" etc...Like you ,i go there to see what others are into..Plus draw people and get free bread.
They make me feel unwelcome on a regular basis and i am often offended by what they say and how they say it.
Focus more on the good ones...including yourself of course !!

Yeah I do focus on the good ones and myself. This was a long time ago when such behaviour shocked me and venting helped. I am able to look past these now. Thank you for commenting. :)

Don't sweat it, guys like that are simply dorks.

Oh yeah sure.. it was so long ago. Plus I usually always forget these kind of things once I vent out.

well..the personality profiles have some common attributes of the people sharing same zodiacs....but one should not take a Halo effect from it...
and i dont believe on horoscopes

Thank you for sharing.. but this post was not really about horoscopes. :)

please disregard last line of my previous message....
ok now?

Lol it doesnt matter to me... thats a totally unrelated subject to what this post is. I dont entirely believe in horoscopes but neither do I disbelieve. Harmless fun should not be taken too seriously. This post is about someones behaviour. :)

I enjoyed reading your story; made me smile the whole time. When people first meet me (in person), I offer up the $100 challenge which is, if they can ever say anything that would upset me, I will give them $100. So far, I've never had to pay up.

It is well known that it is easier for angry people with negative vibes to have an affect on others, than it is for a positive person to do the same. For me, there is only a handful of people that have access to my emotional treasure chest. In other words I have only given a few people the keys to have an influence on my emotions (but those people would never abuse that power).

I have been through situations that would upset even the most hardened person, but I have maintained my composure. What I tell my friends is that if you allow someone with a negative attitude to affect the way you feel, then they have power over you. I noticed that sometimes those type of people are fueled by how their negative attitude makes others feel. I for one will not allow anyone to have any type of control over me like that.. :)

Thats great, actually impressive. :) This was really just a momentary thing and as soon as I vented, I was laughing again.

I know, you seem to have a real positive attitude. Your story may have just made my day, and I will smile about it all day maybe even into the late hours of the night....

Oh thats nice ... who says good things cant come out of the bad. :)) Now I am smiling wide!

This happens with me too.
Someone I was chatting with was so unsafe that even for a question like which all language you can speak (that too on that person saying I can speak 4 languages but English :)), I was said thanks and bye :)

Yeah, what else can we do... just walk away with dignity. :) People never cease to amaze.

Definitely don't take it personally. Not everyone is going to get along with everyone else. Some people mistake EP for Facebook or some other drama loving site. Misery loves company, they say. I'm glad you didn't buy into it. I like your smile too much for that!

Oh thank you, thats kind of you. When this happened I was still new to this kind of behaviour from so called fellow adults .. now its like whatever. To each their own. People never cease to amaze me. :)

Some people have no where else to hide so they do it on here . I think it stops them from growing up.

Its kind of sad really, people say whatever they want to, and block so they do not get challenged for their words. But I guess each to their own. It was the first time it happened to me, so it shocked me. Then I got used to it. :) Thanks for reading and commenting.


Lol. Shh.

I so know what you mean. They want to say that they understand, they just don't agree. When in reality, they just picking an argument cuz after all, you're a total stranger and they can get sway with it.

Exactly. Its bully tactics. :) Ty for reading and commenting. shows some people are so much in their skin that they just take everything on their ego. I becomes so important for such people that they should actually not be on social n/w sites...

Lol, true. I was just shocked at a bizarre experience, never having come across such before .. but its all good. We learn as we go along and there are all sorts everywhere, including social networks.

LOL again so a like i asked the ? why do you waste your time and mine

now if i ask a ? and and idiot post, that is my reply

LOL. Good one.

That guy sounds like a douche. I don't really mind getting blocked by people like that. It's the random blocks that come from people out of the blue who you've actually talked to that are the ones that suck.

Thats quite true. I was more bothered by his attack of me than his block. Bizarre actions that you dont expect from normal adults... perhaps I use the word normal too loosely, lol. Thank you for reading and commenting. :)

You're also using the word "adult" too loosely :P

Haha yeah, thanks for pointing that out nerdalot.

I for one love studying about zodiac signs cause I find a lot of interesting things about myself, and I am an Aquarius. As far as the a**hole who blocked cause you asked him about one of his stories is an absolute douchebag just like the one I encountered two days ago cause I said I was heartbroken. He knows nothing about my lovelife for him to have said what he said.

Of course, everyone is free to get information on whatever topics they so choose, and if someone else doesn't like it, its tough, and should keep it to themselves especially when they have not been specifically asked for their opinion on te topic itself. I think people just get away with being such ***** because they hide behind the screen, and otherwise too cowardly to say what they really mean and resort to name calling. Thank you for reading. Sorry you are heartbroken, at these times the last thing you want to deal with is narrow minded and judgemental ******.

lol people like that are not worth the drama! I even know ppl irl who are like that online, nice to your irl but mean online, had one block me recently for trying to explain to him that people from different cultures have different ideas about what "human rights" are... don't waste your time and don't worry, they will find someone else to complain to and something else to whine about, you are better off for not having to put up with their bad attitude :)

:) It just came as such a shock as I am not used to such attitudes, and never came across such people in real life. But as I hear all these comments, I realise how widespread this behaviour must be. Live and learn... I learnt a lot from his behaviour, lol. Thank you for reading and commenting.

Yes I was shocked too, that people can be so mean over nothing :) but I guess we can only make our own choices and let other people live with their own choices, even if they are bad! At least you won't have to tip-toe around that person anymore!

Yeah.. and now that I vented, I feel much better. :) Thank you.

Hhahaha That's what's Upsetting about this Life. People without open minds and with a **** ton of Ego. but man... don't even waste time arguing with them they wont let their egos go no matter what.

Lol thats so true. But when someone is attacked, the natural response is to defend. I was just taken back to be honest. But I hope I learnt my lesson now and not to respond to anyone who comes attacking. Thank you for reading.

They say don't talk about religion or politics and everyone should be able to get along. Well, astrology is basically a religion. So, you ruffled someones feathers.

If astrology is a religion, I was not aware of it. If it ruffled someones feathers, he could have ignored it? Attacking someone is not the answer. Thank you for the time you took to read.

..well some people are passionate about seeing others, "waste their lives" with silly beliefs, or undue prejudices. If you were a scorpio, would you dislike a virgo because she was more prudent ? What would that be based on ? Prejudices like that seem banal but can be very nasty, and unbased.

In that case, some people take Q&A too seriously. Some people ask questions for fun too. Before knowing me, he cannot judge me, and cannot react in an offensive way. But I get what you are saying. If it was indeed what you are saying, that is prejudice, which is totally ignorant and narrow minded. There are many different scenarios people have been kind enough to post ..just a further insight to the human mind. Thank you for your comments, they are appreciated.

I see you got a lot of comments. One thing: do not blame it to yourself. xxxWanna

Thank you. I do not blame it on myself, I did nothing to trigger his response. Thank you for reading.

People invent strange ways to connect indirectly, when they do know not a direct way. This is a method to pull up a fight or be harsh, as the memory captures the persona instantly. Then over time turn normal after an apology and continue conversation..

I wouldn't be surprised if the person shows up a couple of days later with an apology or have another id to relate with.. a push-pull tactic.

Now all this is new to me! I have never heard of such behaviour. Why not just go the normal way and say hello. Far more effective, lol.

well.. that's too lame for them... and as humans we never take not of usual and ordinary... but always the unusual and extra-ordinary...

also its like driving a hook into the soul, to pull a string later.. so it hurts when poked in, but used later effectively to pull with that..

Many bullies use this tactic to make n break girlfriends.. you can see them as master & the girl a pup , obedient, n slave..

How very intriguing. Thank you for reading and commenting, and sharing your knowledge.

i think my current status message is answering this.

I did think so when I saw it. :) Thank you for reading.

it was coincidence to upload it(status) before i could see this story.
Thanks you got the answer.

I totally understand where you are coming from, people do that kind of thing and it blind sides you because you have no idea where the hell it came from. Mostly they treat others that way because they figure you can't reach out and "touch" them if your on the internet. And even though we would love to just dismiss them for the deviants that they are, sometimes we would just like to smack the hell out of them.

Exactly..its silly that people decide to behave online in a way they never would in real lives. Cowardice is what it is. Thank you for reading.

Some people do behave like that irl, sad enough.

@wannashareit........I havent come across such people in real life, but I take your word for it.

Why do they do it? It's really a simple answer, old as time..........................Misery loves company. Kudos to you for holding your own!

Thank you .... I just find this behaviour so bizarre, that it drove me to write about it. Thanks for reading.

LOL, angel. Lesson learned? DO NOT FEED THE TROLLS.
The whole point of the discussion was a childish attempt to get attention through negativity. Sorry sweetheart, you fell right into it and a nice flamewar ensued, which "fed the troll." That's what it was all about, it was nothing to do with you, or your question, or even his own opinion. The dude is a Tellarite. From that old Star Trek episode: "Tellarites do not argue for a purpose. They simply argue."

Lol fell for it, through and through. Dont know if I learnt the lesson though, how can you tell a troll apart?

People who simply disagree will at the very least put some effort into doing so respectfully. Trolls will try to force-feed you a line that's designed to trigger an emotional response, not an intellectual debate-y one.

Right. Where were you when I needed you? :P Lol. Thanks.. shall try not fall again. But then I dont understand his block, why not keep on feeding?

lol... he wasn't blocking you for the normal reason, he did it to trigger an emotional response. You posted a story about it. That means it worked. Just say "who cares" and move along...

Interesting ... I dont understand such mind games, nor the people who play it. I am just straightforward and say whats on my mind. If something upsets me, I say it. Even if i posted a story and it worked, it makes no difference because he blocked me and doesnt know of it. But thank you for your advice, in the future I might just do that.

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:) Ty for reading.