My First!!

I will never forget my first time I was blocked on EP. It literally just happened minutes ago. Not completely sure why but I asked for some background info (I knew some but wanted to learn more about them). I guess they thought I didn't remember them and their story, but i did & still want to learn more.

I feel badly that i made them upset because I really am a giver and love to help.

Hoping they Give me another chance....
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5 Responses Jan 20, 2013

Maybe they thought you were just being nosey...who knows why people do what they do?

you are a kind hearted woman dear

Sounds like their loss!

I was blocked once but never really figured out why and couldn't get any answer from the blocker...I was only upset because I didn't think I had done anything but I guess I did...??? LOL Oh well!

Not worth worrying can't predict how some people react.....