Ok last Week I became friends with someone on EP we talked for a while and I was happy I thought we where good but then yesterday he said 2 stop talking 2 him so I did today I found out he deleted as a friend so I went 2 say I'm sorry and now I'm blocked I mean wtf

Look I'm not going 2 us their name but if u ever read this I am really really sorry I don't know if I offered u or somthing like that but I sincercerly apologize for what ever I did :(

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bye friend
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Love to m8 thanks.

No problem u are added we can talk if u want :p

Never heard of him? To me you are ok

Thanks dude u are ok 2 :) we could be friends if I want

I would be the same. Did he not tell you whay he did that to you? Unles he new it would. Be on your mind all the time. Hope not

No he's not new he was a member before I was he's profile name is freestylerler1998

U know him

Then m8 thay are not true friends

Yeah I guess so but still it's been bugging me my other friends on here told just forget about it but I can't

That's good he is back. But if thay got the bottle to block you thay should have the same to tell you whay.

Yeah that true a few days after the first time I was blocked i was blocked again by a another friend

My guess is that you told him how old you really are and he got wood and got turned on so much that he got scared. But either way, he got you seriously hooked. It's a mind game, don't let him win.

I don't that it but thx but it's ok now he unblocked me and we are friends again