OH Grow Up!

When I joined EP and learned about the blocking function, my understanding was it was to be used if I was being harrassed or stalked, not if someone pissed me off or I didn't like what they had to say LOL!

I am always a little shocked when I get blocked but it's more of a curiosity as WHY I was blocked.

I have noticed that people who make a 'hobby' out of blocking tend to not stick around on EP for very long.

I guess they run out of people to answer their questions and respond to their stories? LOL!

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Anyone that blocks me is their loss I've had experiences that were not unique but very real and of course lots of people won't agree with me because they haven't experienced it for themselves, well I'm sorry for them because they really were beyond beautiful but what I've gained from those experiences is a sense of honesty and integrity that is apparently not common in the everyday mundane world so that's why I have been blocked and people like to play games with me on here and I block them because I don't need them because I am more than what I was.<br />
<br />
Regards; S.W.

I just read this story and comments,it was before I came (March). Just recently did I start to notice the<br />
nit picking and sheer hate that could go on. I joined EP because of emotional issues before I even realized it was a place where people also just socialized. Maybe people should just to who they want, find people like yourself - Normal as opposed to mental ic a big gap. If a person comes here who feels hurt or maybe are hoping to find help, they could easily be traumitized. I think you should keep your opinions to yourself unless I t needs to be said! Hard to understand my rambling? Well there you go if someone is different big deal, there are thousand of others here.<br />
The so called "normal" sure have a lot to say, and stay on the computer an awful lot.

Faucon! LOL---my mind is now a pudding---I am sooo confused by the BLOCKING GAME..my old blocker unblocked me -and now I have a new one!<br />
This one I don't remember ever seeing before..She's blocked THIRTY people...<br />
how could you even keep count of that many??? lol I think I'll not block anyone unless they do something serious---so far---no one has--I can't really consider someone blocking me - as being serious :)

I guess some people block because they don't want to hear what we have to say.I guess we must get under their skin,LOL!

THE BLOCKING GAME!! another hilarious aspect of EP!! rotfl. The new blocker says she's blocked 30 people---I am just as puzzled as to why the first one unblocked me ? Ah well-- as the nuns would say, "It's a mystery." you're probly right TrgdyAnn "A POWER TRIP" no IT'S A CONSPIRACY!!! LOL

Well now I'm really confused--The person who originally blocked me - evidently has unblocked me???it's very puzzling--because I thought she had just changed her avatar and name lol--NO! someone else has blocked me rotfl.<br />
This one, I don't think I have ever seen before...I think some people just do this blocking thing --for the fun of it :). They are just being silly.

Zombie Kitty, "Silly" is my favorite mood :)

Speak of "Silly" Owlafaye appears!! Think! How many busy, accomplished people have time to confide in YOU??? Owlafaye??? Count them and then report back to us!! We want to know!!! I'll bet just oodles of busy accomplished people call you every day and tell you how they feel!! I Feel just groovey today Owl!!!! or Just calling to let you know what a Super mood I'm in today--while I'm busy being accomplished!!!! rotfl

the person who blocked me has changed her name and her avatar--it's very confusing lol--I evidently blocked her back--I'm not sure how I did that---maybe she doesn't know how she blocked me either---oh well---lol - Sometimes, I guess people just don't like you---it doesn't surprise me really-- I say a lot of very silly things---I don't mean to offend anyone --still --can't resist being silly.

I know! I think sometimes people who don't quite understand confuse the concept of "feeling depressed" with actual Clinical Depression. They are two VERY different things!<br />
<br />
Everyone feels depressed at some point or another, but the disorder doesn't manifest itself in the same way. It tends to be a very private, hidden illness. :-/

ZK I'm at a loss as to why anyone would ever block you, LOL.<br />
<br />
Their loss ;-)

owlafaye, no offense, but that's not actually a fact...... <br />
<br />
Many, many busy and accomplished people do indeed suffer from depression. The two are not linked.<br />
<br />
Keeping busy and accomplishing goals neither prevents, nor cures depression. Real depression is a medical condition that requires treatment.<br />
<br />
Many people go to great lengths to keep their depression a secret--a big reason why many people are shocked when some people commit suicide because, "they seemed so happy."<br />
<br />
I don't mean to seem nit picky, but it kills me to see such sweeping generalizations made about such a serious medical disorder.

Welcome ZombieKitty! Good to have you here!<br />
<br />
owlafaye, busy accomplished people DO suffer depression... I don't know which fantasy land you live in, but MANY busy accomplished people suffer depression because our occupations are not what make the world worth living...<br />
<br />
If busy, accomplished people don't suffer depression, then how come these people went on to end their own lives?:<br />
<br />
Prince Alfred of Edinburgh (1899), member of the British Royal Family, shot himself<br />
Jason Altom (1998), American Ph.D. student, ingested potassium cyanide<br />
# Forrest Howard Anderson (1989), Governor of Montana, gunshot<br />
# Fridolin Anderwert (1880), Swiss Federal Councilor<br />
Edwin Armstrong (1954), American inventor of FM radio, jumped from a 13th floor window<br />
George Eastman (1932), inventor of the Eastman Kodak Camera, gunshot<br />
<br />
I could really go on, but this is zombiekitty's story about blocking and I'd really rather her not block me for making her want to kill herself with this list...<br />
<br />
Just stop the ridiculous generalizations... depression can and WILL strike ANYWHERE...<br />
<br />

i have a bit sexuality on my profile...jesus.joseph+mary...i had 2 block a few...otherwise you are only surrounded.."by perverts" and "categorized"...so i wouldn.t take it personal..if someone blocks me....but open minded..learned so far to "really look" at a profile..before...let them in...still a great site!!!!

Its ok, I think most of the fundies on the site have blocked me. According to them, Im Satan. lol :-P

i just joined this site LOL Just speaking my mind right now