Crazy Ole Fools

 I done been blocked by these 2 crazy ole fools and I have no idea why not that is really matters but just ****** me off for some reason...To that ugly green flower comprehensive 2 and that old fart lucyinthesky screw you too...Bunch of damn chickens if you ask me...

vickieprince vickieprince
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16 Responses Jan 9, 2010

ROFLMAO you tell them!

Some of the people on here just block you for know reason. Pathetic really :P How they could block someone as nice as you is beyond me!

Ha,ha he he ho ho,that very "expressive" desc<x>ription you have portrayed has had me chuckling for quite a while :-)

Yeah, I have been blocked by a couple of Young women - Women... I mean Young people! I just try to be funny and not to get carried away and remember the LOL, but some people are so uptight! I dont really care, but blocking remind me of censorship, and censorship is a slippery slope!

Lol, but what do you really think!?


block YOU?...They must be senile...their problem not yours!

V, there are some really weird folks here who definitely have issues... with some I swear to you, the nicer you are to them, the meaner they become! I think maybe it makes them suspicious or something... dealing with such people sometimes proves the old adage "No good deed goes unpunished"... fortunately there are many nice people here too if you look for them, besides the stinkers.

I absolutely agree

That is so neat. Somebody block me so I can join this group too.

Block you? What are they thinking! (Although I think it's been a long time since Lucyinthe sky did any thinking at all....)

Their loss! our gain! :-) xxxxxxxxxxx

mmmmm i wonder

Badge of honor, baby. Wear it proud. I like mine.<br />
<br />
But yeah, I know what you mean ... you probably had more reason to block THEM - than the other way around.<br />
<br />
Es una problema pequena, chica. Don't sweat the little stuff.<br />
<br />
You didn't use that damn skillet on 'em didja? Too bad ... heehee

Ooooh. I just love that guy with the baseball cap. He's a class act. You're not living until you've been blocked by him!!

What?<br />
I didn't block her!

Ha ha! That's why we love you V! Some people just don't like it when you expose them to be the jerks you are. Besides, those are mostly the people who won't post stories or ques because they might get something they find offensive. Funny huh?

Who the hell would block you?? Were you too nice, was that the issue? LOL, LOL, LOL!