So Juvenile It's Funny...

This guy contacts me, texting like a teenager but wanting to chat about sex.  I told him if that was what he wanted he'd have watch his spelling when he typed so that I could tell that he was an adult.  He messaged back a rant about how we couldn't possibly be doing anything sexy because we were too fixated on spelling.  Then (get this!) he says he had to be careful to avoid being in contact with perverts so he was blocking us--like we cared about chatting with him at all!  Can it get any more immature?

Thanks for letting me rant about it a bit!

Trysta09 Trysta09
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8 Responses Feb 27, 2010

Absolutely agreed. But the thing is, the occasional spelling error isn't even my concern, nor is lack of ability to capitalize (so long as they at least use punctuation so I can figure out the ends of sentences)! My particular pet peeve is someone who obviously thinks three-letter words like 'you' and 'for' are waaaaay too long to type all the way out. <br />
<br />
It's one thing if you're sending someone a text message that you're running late but if you're in a conversation? I mean, c'mon--just how lazy can you get?

Wish I could take credit--it's one of the generic ones from EP.

LOL... :)

What can I say? There are idiots everywhere, even on EP....

That is ******* unbelievable. What a dumbass. Sorry you even were contacted by such a person.

Sounds like you handled the situation the right way. I can spell by the way.

At least he did me the favor of not letting me waste my time on him!

he was a silly boy! :)