By A Perv Of All People

Ok, I may have seen it all now and at last. A pervy guy blocked me. LMAO for ten minutes. Like I'd write him.    What the hell were you thinking? So funny , so unexpected so weird and I'm still smiling.  Thank you for this huge hoot.  

wiseowl wiseowl
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10 Responses Mar 13, 2010

Glad you have been on here long enough not to take offence - so how do you classify pervy guys? :)

oh yes, i was devastated....NOT! lol. it's kind of nervy for a person like that to block you.

Totally... I'm sure your heart was broken...NOT! me either jerrica..LMAO

i've been blocked by pee, poop and sex pervs and it made my day lol. those kinds of people are the last ones i'd want to be bothered with.

Too late cheeky ..Your pervy ways are making me LMAO.Remember Bali

i had a friend,whose mother made him a pervert,if i gave you the wool,could you make me one to?

perverts of the world unite

You got that right ruadhs. Daft as a brush..I like it...Maybe he's playing hard to get ..Too bad I don't know the man from Adam.

Hi can happen to anyone.I kept thinking, ME? HA! Destry I love, love your cat's face.It would have been perfect for this story. Hilarious!

this is one of those ?????? Things that make ya go huh? Sweetie, I'm still grinnin' and chuckling.