Not On Ep But Still

Well, I haven't been blocked on EP, really. I couldn't even read if this group is related to EP blocking or blocking in general. Lol. I haven't spoken to many people on EP, and neither have I had any quarrels, etc.

But there's this classmate of mine. He seems to be misteriously strange at times. In class we usually laugh, talk, etc. When I requested friendship on facebook, he accepted my request. But soon I found out he'd removed me from his list. Okay, I requested AGAIN. He added me. And in less than a month I was no longer in his list.

He doesn't seem to have many friends on facebook, so I couldn't say he just accidentally removed me when browsing his list for unknown and unwanted people.

xSapphire xSapphire
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2 Responses Mar 14, 2010

I don't think so. There are, however, some question-and-answer apps when you have to pick one of 2 friends of yours who is close to some characteristic, etc. But I didn't ever posted anything offensive. And I've never messaged him there actually.

Check if you've posted anything on your wall or his which which he might resent. Pics maybe? Do you message him often/ That may also be a problem