Strong Opinions+closed Minded Person=blocked

I saw a group that didn't really make any sense to me. No details. I'd rather not get blocked again for repeating such "vulgur" opinions. Well, this person, instead of trying to respond back in a humanly way opted for cursing me out on my whiteboard and proceeding to block me.

And I thought the purpose of experience project was not only to share experiences, but to see other experiences that are out there, as well as feelings and perhaps disagreeing but learning something new in the process of sharing opinions. I'm a really nice person if you meet me. I try not to be rude or such, but it seems I would be judged for what I do or don't feel.

Moral of Story: Grow up, random person who blocked me! I blocked you because you were harrasing me. I hope I never meet you again, closed-minded person because my opinions won't change, the way you are treating me. As for me, I will continue to try to do my best and I won't apoligize for expressing myself. Thats just who I am and too bad.

twilighthearts11 twilighthearts11
18-21, F
Mar 15, 2010