Did I Have More Fun?

I bleached my hair blonde when I was in my second year at uni. I was bored. I'd had highlights put in and didn't like them, I had a stripy head so I did the rest myself a few days later. It didn't last long. It was strange. I have black eyebrows there was no way I was going to bleach them to match.

So I dyed it back to brown and added my black bits in. It made my friends stare, they all played with my hair. At the time it was really long too and they were fascinated by the sudden change of  colour. Being one of the only two females on my degree course, it was the only time the boys noticed my hair change. Some said they preferred it blonde, I can't say I did. I like my hair as it was meant to be. A little bit of dark brown, a little bit of red.

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i know!


i am just making fun of redheads incase sarah comes across this.

Hehe no it wouldn't. Wouldn't look right on me though

well yeah ginger would of been horrible!

It was pretty red at one point, but red, not ginger

Well hopefully not to much red. Least you got it out of your system at an early age.

I did go red at one point, between the ages of 12-16

As long as you aren't a redhead all is well. So no worries.

Hehe ok, yeah. It suits most people

I said most people.

I don't know. D suits being blonde

Dark hair is better on most people anyway.

Wow, that's some sun bleaching

When I was a child my hair was bleached by the sun. I never knew I had brown hair till I was 16.

Aw, yeah, the damage sucks..I have a few blonde bits in now, that I want to re-do, but it's literally just a flash of colour in my underla<x>yers with the black.<br />
<br />
I looked really funny, it was almost like Shakira kind of blonde, that's the closest I can think of. I was quite tanned too at the time so it suited me for a while, but wasn't me.

Ooo orange blonde!<br />
<br />
I dont think I'll try it again somehow