I Have Been A Crossdresser For 30 Years

It's been over 30 years I've been crossdressing. It's seems not very long.  I started when I was 11 or 12.  I wore mom's bra and panties.  and absolutely enjoyed them.  *** I looked through my mom's dresser drawer I found her girdle and nylon stockings.  I just had to try them on.  So I did.

I loved the tightness of the girdle and the silkyness of the stockings.  I loved the tug of the garters.    I just had to do it again.

I tried her sweater and dress but found the dress a bit small.

Later I started buying my own clothes and have been enjoying them since.
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It never ceases to amaze me of the similarities that start us down the road of crossdressing. Almost all of us start with our mother's or sisters under things. We enjoy the eroticism of that first experience so much, we find ourselves compelled to do it again. Of course, our curiosity escalates, and we continue the progression into other types of clothes, eventually dressing completely. And I never get tired of hearing how it all started for someone, even though each story has so many common elements to all the others.

Thank-you Bizsuitstacy for your comment. I too enjoy reading stories about how others started crossdressing. Some swap clothes with a neighbor or are dressed by an aunt or their mom or sister but most as you wrote just borrow mom's or a sister's clothes.

I have been a crossdresser for just three years and enjoyed this story immensely. Thank you for it.

You're welcome justplainjack.