I have gave up smoking in one day, using a vaper pen...
That was sept 2012...
I much prefer vaping to smoking, it dose not stink, dose not hang on your clothes or stain your teeth and fingers, it dose not harm anyone around you... I have saved over £2000! The mix of E-liquid is fantastic, my favourite flavour is cannula berry and bubblegum mixed together... I use an itaste MVP 2.0 battery... That is far better than the pen batteries I started with... I also found a coil that can have the cotton wick replaced so no more throwing tanks away!
I am sure there are some health risks as with everything, but if you wanting the nicotine with none of that nasty crap... Go to vaping :0) to many pluses to ever want to go back to smoking ciggs again!
off2heavenIgo off2heavenIgo
Aug 16, 2014