No Pain, No Gain.

I'm a bully victim that's the reason why I have a low self-esteem. My classmates are good in using reverse psychology. They love to mock other people.--> That's how I describe them as what I've seen and experienced. Though, they are bully I never fail to see their beauty. They have goodness and a good heart though, their nature is to bully silent, meek, and uncool people.
Now, I don't have to see and endure their pain because I've graduated ~ what a profound relief! *Thank you, Lord!
But... I have to thank them somehow because if they didn't bully me I wouldn't become a deeper person, I wouldn't acquire virtues *esp. patience, I wouldn't strive to change myself, and I wouldn't become brave and compassionate for those who suffered also.
Now, I'm turning those negative into something positive. Bit by bit, all those emotional pains and wounds were healing. Though, it's not always easy to heal for it takes time, just like a physical wound that takes time to completely heal... But, God is the Best Healer and I know deep within God is healing me.

Now, my life is much better and though I can't completely get rid of my little crosses in life. Life is still worth living and I just have to embrace it. :)
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May 19, 2012