One Of Many Defining Moments:

After my mom was murdered, i went to live with my grandparents. Skip ahead---3 years later when I was 11, my grandma took me to school one day. Well that's where we were supposed to go. She took me to CPS and left me there. They tried to talk to her...she said, "I'm not taking her with me. I don't want her anymore." She left. I have never gotten over that.
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Oh I'm sorry

And then?

I was put in fostercare. Abusive placement. I ended up a homeless youth from 13-16 which is when I got legally emancipated as an adult.

Ouch! I'd be surprised if anyone could get over that. Over the years, I have learned to cultivate a family of my own choice. I hope you have done the same.

That's so sad, it's not your fault and I really can't understand your grandma for having abandoned you like this :(

Hello. I can relate to you so much. It hurts so badly-it is very hard for the little girl inside to understand how a grown up-can do that. Are you going for therapy? its not your fault I promise you, there is nothing wrong with you. I don't understand why people in my life have done this too-but they have issues-its not your fault-please know this