I Miss My Son!

I don't know if I should call him. My counseler said I should only call him on special occasions, but I miss him.

Is there anyone there having the same problem?

Esperanca Esperanca
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How come he abandoned you? <br />
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I understand you miss him; afterall, you are his mother and that is what all mothers would do! <br />
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If I were you, I would call him regardless of a special occasion or not! He is your son and you are his mother the worst that could happen is that he wont answer!

I share your disappointment and wish it were different.<br />
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You are doing fine on EP. Many of us are new too.<br />
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I hope I am logged in. I am new on this and not sure.<br />
I called my son today, his cell phone, at 10:00am. It is now 12:55pm. He has not called back. I wrote this on a notebook, which I hope he finds after I die. I am planning on disenherit him if he keep treating me like this. I apologize for any misspeling, I am not from this country.<br />
My son is always busy at work also. And before we had this current problem, sometimes I would call him and he would say he would call me back. He did not.

I have a similar situation. If I haven't heard from my son in a LONG time, I sometimes call him at work. He is very busy and on the phone a lot, so I can't always get thru. If I do, I ask him whatever particular question I have or just say I love him. He usually responds well, but can't talk too long. If I call him at home, they usually won't answer. If I leave a message, they MAY answer. He complained about my sending too many emails. So now,I only send one about once every 2-3 weeks with specific info and updates about my health and situation. His wife reads them and MAYBE tells him the content. My former counselor suggested staying in touch briefly (the 2-3 wks deal) but advised against bugging him too much. It is hard, and I don't understand it very well, but this way, I feel like I am conveying enough info w/o causing a problem I only call him at work when it is VERY important or I haven't heard from him in a LONG time (over a month). It hurts to be so distant, but what else can you do?

Yes, I am having the same problem. I shall message you.

You are his mother. Call him whenever you want. I am a mother, but my children are still at home. My oldest is in high school. I call my son whenever I need him now. I will always call him whether I need him or not. <br />
Is your councelor a parent? Single? Find out if your councelor is experienced in this sort of relationship counseling. <br />
Also consider your motives for missing your son. How long has it been since you last spoke to him? Is he in a relationship that you are jealous of?<br />
Tell him how you feel, but make sure you LISTEN to him as well.