Feeling a little bruised, but bruises heal.

In a way, bruises are beautiful. Like a rainbow of pain...haa yeah, that's how im gonna think of them now. 

Pain is beautiful... excruciating, mind altering, crippling, nauseating pain pulsing through every cell of your body, mind, and soul. 

Making thoughts clear. Crystal clear. Icy. 

But when he bruises me its a different pain. Not my pain. Not a slice. No blood. Just punches. 

Punches are thick and muffled and ugly. Harsh and crude. Uncontrolled. I find myself waiting. Eyes closed tight like Venus traps. Palms out in defence. Waiting. It always comes fast, but the pain comes delayed. First is the shock. You know its coming but it doesn't matter. It still shocks you. Your numb. Motionless. Silence. You can see a screaming face in front of you, but someone's hit the mute button. Bliss really. Whiteness clouds your already blurred vision, starting at the edges. Soon that clears, and your just left with the pain. It's alright. You breathe again. It hurts. But at least you can breathe again. Until next time.
Bleue Bleue
18-21, F
1 Response Feb 21, 2010

im sorry...=( you should try to get out? wheres your mom?