A Night Out

I met this guy at the bar. I went out with my best friend and we were having drinking and dancing. I hung out with guy for a while I decided to leave with him.

I was with him alone and I feel like that was a big mistake. He felt on my legs and he wouldn't stop so I slapped him. Then he slapped my back and had a tight grip of my hair. If I tired to move he would pull my hair tighter. He said I might not make it home. He basically said he was going to kill me. I started balling like a baby I was very upset, scared and confused.

Why am I here? all I could think about was my son. It was my bday and I just came out to have fun. I managed to calm him down and we started talking. Basically he asumed we were going to hook up. I know ppl sometimes leave the bar to hook up but that's not me I hang out with guys and my friends after leaving the bar and nothing happens. He slapped me around and he asked me to give me a hand job. I said yes only becase when I said no he started to choke me. While I gave him the hand job he touched my chest. I was so discussed. He didn't take me home but he dropped me off at the corner.

I blame myself for this how cud I be so stupid.

lynn239 lynn239
22-25, F
1 Response Feb 2, 2013

That's just poor judgement, little lady. You've learned a valuable lesson. Now, go have FUN and don't leave a bar with someone you don't know.