Compared to what some of the people here have been through, I had it easy. I met a guy I thought was near perfect- he was cute, he was smart, and I thought he was sweet. I'm clumsy, and I tripped while we were walking together. He caught me by the waist and accidentally pulled up my shirt a little, just enough to see my cuts. He was shocked and asked me if I was okay. He was so concerned and he hugged me tight and told me he'd help me through, he'd help me fix things.

Then he started hitting me, just sorta smacking my arm, but then he punched me a few times and kicked me a good bit. He called me all kinds of things, made fun of me, took my contacts from my phone and threatened to text my family or friends that I was self harming or sleeping around (the second of which I didn't do). He told a bunch of people that I'd begged him for sex but settled for giving him head, and I wasn't even good at it. I got away from him though- it was only for a little bit during the summer, and we went back to our respective parts of the state and I haven't heard from him since.

So yeah, this is sorta why I don't talk to people much. I'm a bad judge of character and I'm too good at creating bad situations.
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hes a *****

excuse my language