When I was 15 I was admitted. The shrinks tricked me into confessing I was suicidal and had homicidal thoughts. So they had me locked up. It was horrible horrible horrible. They had me ***** to check out my scars, the nurses freaked me out. Assigned me to a room with a roommate. That night I didn't sleep a wink. All you would hear were the screams from the other kids, and hysterical laughing. I was so paranoid. And since there were no doors to the bedrooms it just made it even more scary. The next day the orderlies woke everyone up and I watched my room mate make her bed so I made mine too. Went into the group (tv) room with all the other girls and they gave us ****** food in Styrofoam boxes and our trusty spork, since forks and knives are forbidden. We then had to do group therapy, then go to the gym and then wed have outside time with the swings (which was my escape in there). I didn't want to talk to any one in there, not the other kids or the nurses or the main shrink. They gave me so many drugs. For-depression, schizophrenia (which I don't even have) and sleeping pills. I was a damn zombie in there. I made a couple of friends and one was a lesbian who had a major obsessive crush on me. We even made escape plans and where we would go. The staff noticed we were getting really close so they moved her to another ward. One night she tried escaping to get me and we would escape. Obviously she failed and they tranqed her. They also tranquillized me a bunch of times when I got pissy and mad. You'd be out for 3 days, and the 'quiet room' which was just padded walls and a **** covered bed. There really was crazy little ones, especially this little boy named Damian (go figure) who said he was possessed by the devil, he would just drop to the floor and go into a seizure type of fit. He scared the **** out of me! I didn't eat for weeks, basically like a hunger strike to let me out (like that was going to happen). Then slowly day after day my friends I made started disappearing. And I was left with these girls who just looked at me like the crazy lesbian goth girl. So I got smart, and started faking my way out, to the shrink, claiming that I was starting to feel better, and not suicidal or homicidal anymore and yada yada yada. That's the only way to get out of those places is to fake it.I was released after being in there for 2 months. I'll die or die fighting not to go back to another mental institution. Screw that man
UnstableSammi UnstableSammi
22-25, F
Aug 20, 2014