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i was walking a long the harbor it was raining and i was by my self it was like 3 clock in the afternoon and i was just walking back from the harder  i was still in the parking lot and this car passed me the driver stared at me as he passed and i was like what your problem and i keep on walking and then he passed me again still staring at me and i just thought he was just looking to see if he left something and then he passed me again and by this time i was out of the harbor and on many street and he was still staring at me and we would drive by me slowly as he did it and then speed up and go around a corner and then come strait back my way and by this time i knew something as really wrong so i heeded to the closes shop i could think of it was a coffee shop and by the time i had walked there we drove pass me 2 more times he never seed any thing tho and when he saw me go into the coffee shop he parked out front and i grade a new paper and wrote down the emblem of the car the colour and the fine on the back and only the first 3 numbers on the lessens plate he drove off before i could git the rest. i called up my parents and got a ride home and when i got home i called the cops and gave them everything hopefully they well find him but its been a year and still no word on him.

Lifeornolife Lifeornolife
18-21, M
Mar 9, 2010