I Lost My Wife To Cancer

On October 6,2012. I lost my beautiful wife and soulmate to a 8 yr battle with cancer. I married her 3 yrs ago and have been together 24/7. We have vacationed around the world, loved lived and experienced true love. We were the storybook couple of our city. Moe and Hanya. With a blink of an eye hid ripped her away from me , she beat cancer 4 times and was on her 86th day after her none marrow transplant. God I wish you were here my love. You are my bone narrow my perfect match my DNA. I would give up an eternity to have one more day with you. My eyes tear up as I wrote this! You understood me and tolerated my aggressive nature and brought out the loving romantic moe. I miss you and have not left the house since you passed except for thanksgiving , because I couldn't bare to stay here for the holidays. I am bomb to life and feelings. God dam this ******* life , there is no meaning to anything.
I will see you soon in this life or the next, I buried with you the wedding band you bought me, so you can place it on my finger in the afterlife. I love you my soul.
I am lost
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Like you I lost my to cancer. In the blink of an eye my world was turned upside down. She fought hard for 8 months. Some of the hardest and happiest of my life.... The was unbearable for months. It's been 2 years since she passed away... I was lost and couldn't make sense of anything. Some said "You never get over the pain of losing someone you love. You just learn to live with pain." Our daught was 23 months when she passed and I buried her on my Birthday. Time, you need time. It took almost a year before I stopped crying almost everyday... I still think of her a lot but the tears don't fall like they used too.... I'm sure you've heard give it time and It will be alright. It's true I know. Some get over it faster than others. What would ur wife say to you right? I'm sure the two of you talked about life without her.... Cherish the memories and live a good life in her memory.

On October 15th, just a few days after you, I also lost my wife to lung cancer. Sylvie was only 51 and much of what you wrote is just how I feel...she was all for me, always so in love with life. I never thought it was going to be this difficult...the funeral part goes quickly but then now that I'm back alone in our home...I realize the missing part of my life. Courage to us both!

I hope whoever is up there give is courage to go forward , for I have taken a 1000 steps back