Apparently You Can Be Arrested For Anything................!!!! What A Joke !!not Even My Fault!

Ok .......Not proud of being arrested, but have been TWICE !! well yes.... it can happen  to anyone. FIRST TIME - this is pretty bizarre how this came about. It all started when my husband had 2 affairs. I had found out about them and asked him to leave the family home (i did not throw him out, but politely asked). so i washed and ironed all his clothes,and packed them really neatly in a suitcase i just wanted him gone, him being around was making me so ill, i just couldn't cope. He stayed with a mutual friend (male- one who had been cheated on in both his marriages) so he knew the hell i was going through, and my god was it hell! (But that's a whole other talk show). 

He had been away from the house for a few weeks he was still seeing this girl, and one early evening he called and said he was tired, cold and hungry and he was just driving around.  Me being a soft touch, then anyway, said i have just cooked dinner for me and the girls and i can do you some and a pudding and a hot drink and you can spend a little time with the girls, under the circumstances - considering he was still with her, he was bloody lucky i even spoke to him! So he came over shortly after, ate dinner pudding and i made him a hot drink, he then started turning nasty and causing an argument and accusing me of seeing someone (which i wasn't). He then sat on sofa, folded his arms in protest and snarled at me "I'm not going" "this is my house too, and i'm going nowhere" - i felt really uneasy considering what i had done for him and all the crap he gave me. So he started arguing, i pleaded with him to leave, he wouldn't, and made a bee-line for my handbag, which had my mobile phone and house keys in, he wanted my keys as i had taken his back and he wanted to 'check' my phone- i had nothing to hide except supportive texts from friends, that if he saw he would have gone mad, as it would have revealed what they thought of him, then knowing him, he would have had a go at me saying i turned them against him - i know exactly how he works!

We end up getting physical in the kitchen with him going through my handbag for my phone and stuff, meanwhile our two daughters aged 4 and 9 are witnessing all this, so i tell my 9 yr old to dial 999 and ask 4 police, thank god she did, (or maybe not)  and in the tussle i caught his face ever so slightly, - it looked like a shaving cut and was sooooo tiny and showed a tiny amount of blood that was all. I got a hold of my phone and slid it quickly under the fridgefreezer, whilst he marched up to the mirror in lounge and looked at mark and said "i'm gonna get you done for that" again and again i pleaded with him leave before police arrived, slightly before that i spoke to person on 999 and explained i wanted them to just come and ask my husband to leave the home as he was no longer living there. He had a really smarmy look on his face said no i will show them what you have done to me. I being clueless thought they would come, ask him to leave, however 2 male officers turned up and one took him to one side the other took me to one side to get the full stories. My officer was really understanding whilst his looked at me as though i had just committed murder, they both spoke to each other then his officer called the cop shop! Next thing i know is his monster policeman says to me "you are under arrest, anything you say may be given in evidence" blah blah blah, i was stunned i called them to request they ask him to leave!

My girls both saw their mummy being arrested, and the look on their faces, it breaks my heart, their father caused all this and for what? So before i left the home i requested to get my phone they allowed me to retrieve it and then they escorted me to police car. I asked if i could text friends to let them know what happened to me, they explained usually not allowed but they would on this occasion. So in the back of car i was frantically texting my friends, tears rolling down my face, feeling awful and frightened, i mean this was the law. We get into cop shop and i am 'frisked' etc then put in a cell, and let me tell you for those of you who are lucky enough to never had to face being on the wrong side of the law, The police cell had a cctv camera, stainless steel toilet (no toilet paper), a long blue crash pad (like kids have for pe at school) and a grey blanket which would have been suited to cleaning an oven! It felt rough like a brillow pad!!!

Eventually an officer came and asked if i would like a hot drink, the poor officer what i demanded from him ~ i said yes please tea with 2 sugars, i want to have a smokie and i want to go to the loo to pee, and pointing at the stainless steel thing in my cell, i said there was no way i was using that, besides it had no toilet paper, and i demanded to use their proper toilet, he looked at me, grinned and said "you've clearly never been arrested before have you?" no i said and also your cell needs a lick of paint !! the look on his face, i was SUCH A MADAM because i had time to think, and by now i was P****D OFF BIG TIME !! and yes they did grant me everything i asked, in fact i was treated really well considering...........but i was sarcastic and they were about to have it in the interview room !!!

So i have the taped interview with the chief, and at end of tape, after telling him everything about the night and HIS AFFAIRS he asks me "is there anything you would like to add? "yes, HE SHOULD BE HERE NOT ME" ! we then go thru personal details, by now there is another male pc as well as chief, and chief asks me "do you have any tattoo's?" i grin no, he looks puzzled, so i explain i will get one now, he asks where? so i go coy and he asks pc to leave, so i said i think i will get BAD GIRL tattoed on my butt!!! he found it funny. Then a Q what colour is your hair ? (at that time i had 3 different coloured highlights in it and so i held some of it in my hand, looked at it, then looked back at him and said "you choose" !!! 

Eventually after being held for nearly 8hrs they let me go, with no charge. I was fuming it was like 3:30 am. Another 2 cops drove me home, and on the way i said that they have to ask him to leave, they did. I felt so dirty and disgusting after being in that cell. I started to hate him for putting me through that, but mainly my children, so young seeing me taken away by 2 policemen, and their faces, he put all 3 of us through sheer hell. I can never forgive him for it. It wouldn't have been half as bad if my girls had not witnessed the argument (which he caused) and the arrest.

THE SECOND ARREST ~ you will have to look up my story the neighbour from hell for that one. That was all lies from her and her saddo husband too she did it because she could, after all she was an EX-POLICE OFFICER !!! she knows exactly what phrases to say to get a quick response, and having bent friends helps a load too !! However by the second time of hearing "You are under arrest, anything you say or do may be given in evidence" i thought no way not again ! so i told the two male officers I was not going! Had no choice in the matter though, and they were taking me and the husband together there and then 10'o clock at night, OMG, Thank god for my best mate, who dropped everything and sat with children for hours . And at least the sack of  S*** i married got to see the inside of a police cell too, just a shame they couldn't have lost his cell key or melted it down !! so there you have it, hopefully you've been entertained on this little story!! This was the shortened version !!! 

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Agree as a lad was arrested 5 times

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