I Was Asked This Seriously Once

 I was still in college.  My old college roommate (we shared an apartment off campus) had invited me to her parents' house for a weekend and I had gone.  While we were there, I met one of her uncles... her mother's brother.  He seemed like a nice-enough guy, not too bad looking, (I always liked older men), decent enough sense of humor, spoke nicely, smelled ok, knew how to dress....

But he brought up several times how lonely he was, how he would really like to have a younger woman in his life, how attractive I was, what a catch I would be....

Then he asked me if I really had any moral scruples about marrying someone I didn't love if the person would take care of me and more or less leave me alone except for some decent sex.

I told him I didn't have any scruples about OTHER people doing that... but it wasn't for me.

I never saw him again.


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Ha, ha! I'm afraid my figure is a little too mature to pass for a little girls... maybe if I tie my boobs down!

Sexy :D

Just call me SaratogaLolitaGirl.

Hey now. If ever you catch me saying anything that's complete bullshit (and not intended to be funny), feel free to call me out on it. I'm not easily offended.<br />
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Interesting scenarios? I'm sure Vladimir Nabokov could shed some light on that subject much better than I ever could :P

Heh, heh, heh... so could I! But I didn't want to admit it.

He was probably a master debator anyway.<br />
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Being serious is so overrated :D

Indeed. There is actually so many people who actually espouse arrant nonsense that it often seems safer to take people at face value.<br />
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My apologies.

Bah! The internet hates sarcasm it seems.<br />
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Sorry for the confusion.

Ummmm.... if you say so .... (looking dubious)

Let me rephrase: older men who troll for younger women are really nice guys at heart.

That would make him a good man.... I don't know about that....

The good men proposition younger women.

Gosh.. don't know. Hey, he was just asking. He took the "No" well.

Where is he now? <br />
I want to punch his head

Yeah... I would have gone well with the big house and the Lexis. And been there for him once or twice a week... and basically a *****... so... not even a second thought.

Only Constant... I took it as a trophy. He was quite well off and divorced several times. I think he really wanted that arm candy ... with benefits.

Whoa . . . even if the thought crossed my mind, I would NEVER have the guts to say such a thing. He is lucky it did not blow up in his face.<br />
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Guys can be interesting . . .

Funny how they loose interest if that one word is left out!

lol...yes and completely bored out of your mind and seeing your lady on the side anyway hehe

(Sigh) But just think -- I could be a wealthy widow by now!

good girl im proud of you......integrity and dignity are worth way more than money and security and hey never settle for less that what you deserve. True happiness comes from how you feel with someone and how they can make you crave them on every level just by beign themselves.