Kind Words

I have been to the arch a few times and it is very fun.  It is scary to look out from that height and feel the wind swaying the building.  The museum is also entertaining.   A wonderful and sensitive young man reminded me of a particular time that I went there.  My ex-husband had two nephews.  When we got married they were 7 and 9.  They were living in extreme poverty with a drug-addicted mother and a completely hindering environment. They would come and stay with us every summer for a month.  It wasn't a burden to me and it was fun having them around.  We would take them swimming and to see new things.  One summer we took them to see the sites in St. Louis, including the Arch.  When I got divorced I made a point of keeping in touch with them.  One is now serving in Iraq and the other is in college.  We talk over chat and tonight he sent me a paper he wanted me to read.  It was a description of the time he went to the Arch.  It was so well written.  It surprised me how much that experience affected him.  Things that seem somewhat trivial to an adult can affect a child's mind in such a different way.  I admit I got a bit teary eyed at how proud I am of him for overcoming what he has.  He can express himself through words and that is wonderful to see.  Anyway, it made me extra happy.

Krypton Krypton
31-35, F
Mar 11, 2009