In The Cold, Deep River

I was baptized in a little church that I grew up in and if you are baptized in that church you are given the option of being baptized in the baptismal or in the river.  Being the traditionalist that I am I of course, chose the river.  Literally like they did it like in "Oh Brother Where Art Thou."  The church is a Southern Baptist Church and they take you to the mouth of the river and that is some of the deepest and coldest water in the South. You are standing there with the pastor and he dunks you under the water. Everyone sings spirituals and usually the person being baptized chooses the ones that are played.  I have attached the two I chose for my baptism below.  Given that my dad and the other guys in the church sing the second song much differently I was only able to find the one video and it is not my favorite style for this song.




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LOL I have a baptismal story i can't tell in public.

You could fictionalize it to change the names places and any details that could identify a place or people.

It is better if it isn't sung with the twang and we sing it more like the first one but oh well. I would like to be Baptized in the Jordan.

LOL!!!! I am sure you did.

Well i guess i could buy some sprinkles and throw them at you if you wish...

i wish I could have been sprinkled.

Don't remember mine at all. Was a baby.