As a Newborn In a Catholic Church

I was baptized as a newborn into a Catholic Church.  My daughters on the other hand weren't baptized until they asked to be.  
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Me too. Alterations with a bit of guilt stitched into the seams.

Thank you Charlie.<br />
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Flourlady - I married a baptist.

i was raised catholic but am baptist now.

This is a very touchy point in our faith. I am a cradle Catholic also and have lived in sin for many years of my life after marriage in the church and then a divorce w/o an annullment. I remarried, stayed in that marriage for 18 yrs. and then left that marriage also in divorce, etc. The Catholic Church has changed a lot since Vatican II.<br />
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I am single and mostly celebate now and am growing in the fullness of our faith. I believe that what our Lord wants is for each of us to turn to Him through accepting Jesus Christ into our lives through Faith, Hope, and Love. Our Catholic Faith is full of the means (grace) to move ever closer to becoming one in Christ. This is the same for your daughters. Faith cannot be dictated. It can be shown through our walk.<br />
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Peace of the Lord be with you and your family,<br />
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