I Was Baptized When I Was A Baby But I Think Im In Crisis

im a roman catholic, i was baptized when i was a baby.. but im not religious one, ive been struggled with the concept of God, religions and things..
its just seems like not real for me, if there is only one God why thats so many religions? if God is almighty why He let all bad things happened? why we cant see Him?
people talking about their religions and their God i just can't believe it...
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Hi euphoria8690 :)<br />
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I know that all these different religions may seem confusing, but just know this: There is one almighty God who created the earth, Heaven, and us, and we can't even begin to understand how much He loves us. He loves us all so much that He lets us make our own decisions, even when He knows that they're the wrong ones. What's even better is that He gave up His only son to take the punishment for our sins, just so we wouldn't have to suffer. It may seem silly that God doesn't just make us do the right thing, but we would be CONTROLLED by Him, not guided. Then, people would fear Him in a bad way, and that's not what he wants. That's why bad things happen; we bring it on oursleves by sinning. Different religions have also been made through the same thing; people want to go off and do their own thing, changing around the Lord's words and the things in the Bible to suit them. As for not being able to see God, we will when he comes back to Earth to fix everything up. The people who believe will be saved, and taken to Heaven. There's a lot more to it than that, but that's the basics of it. <br />
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I hope and pray that you realise just how much the Lord wants you to accept Him into your heart, just like you are in His, and that I have even slightly solved some of your questions for you. I'm a Seventh-Day Adventist, and in short, our religion is ba<x>sed on the Bible's teachings. We rest (or go to church) on Saturday, the seventh day of the week, like it says in the ten commandments. We are thought of as very conservative and strict, just because we go to church on Saturday, not Sunday, and we don't work (we rest) on Saturday's. We are just simply following the guidelines that are in the Bible, and nothing else. We worship God, and He is the focus of our religion. <br />
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God bless, <br />
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Chloe :).