First Swimming Lesson

In the Greek Orthodox church, in which I was baptized but do not practice, they ***** you naked in front of EVERYONE and dunk ya!  That's how I was baptized!  I was about 5 months old , or so I'm told. 

The traditions for baptism in the Greek church are strict, but pretty cool, I must admit.  For instance:

  • the child to be baptized is taken from his/her parents, who aren't allowed at the ceremony; this is symbolic of them handing the child over to Godparents and the church.
  • the child wears old clothes coming into church but everything has to be brand new leaving, since the child is a brand new member of the church.

There are other traditions, too, but I can't think of them now.  And, I'm referring only to children because I've never attended an adult's ceremony.

debmichelle debmichelle
May 26, 2008