I Tried to Help With a Scholarship

But failed and feel so badly about it.  A form was downloaded but the people who made the form available did not make it so a person could type info into it.  I downloaded a trial version of Adobe Acrobat but their new version is so difficult to use.  I like their older version better.  I ended up using my old typewriter from the 80's.  The form looks terrible but it's the best I can do for this student.  I hope the scholarship people understand.  And I hope he gets his scholarship - he deserves it.
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6 Responses Jun 21, 2007

Thanks, Radiant - faith is a wonderful thing. I believe he will get the scholarship too.

Hi, I take things like this as an affirmation from God. God usuall takes the least little thing or person, or the most unexpected circumstance, and uses it like a big yelow highlighter pen to draw help our way. Your student will get the scholarship, because of the highlighter of God!!<br />
<br />

Thank you so much Ward! I found the site and put it on my desktop to look at tomorrow. It's too late for me to make any sense tonight. Moxie

Thanks Tardy - I'm trying other programs. I always thought the Acrobat was the epitome of PDF programs but am learning!

Beaten by adobe acrobat??? That darn acrobat, I always *knew* he was up to no good, what with his obnoxious pdfs and proprietariness. I hope you report him for assault!! (Try OpenOffice or Corel Suite or some other program that can deal with pdfs, perhaps?)

I'm sure the scholarship people won't mind.