Days Of Old

Highschool is freaking tough- maybe the most cut throat time of your life. Grade 10 for me was a time of struggles. I wanted to be cool but knew I was different, I tried to hang out with the cool kids but never really fit in. This one particular night in October, one of the girls from the cool clique decided to throw a house party. Her parents were away on a trip someplace unknown, I was over studying but next thing I knew a water bottle of vodka was thrown in front of me. People start flooding into the house, party breaks out.

Now this was my first time this drunk, first house party and at the time I assumed everyone in our group was my friend. They lock me outside where at some point I made my way to the grass to look up at the stars. I'm smashed off my poor little 15 year old ***, looking up and next thing I know is that I'm taking a boot in the rib. This foot belonged to a girl I thought was one of my better friends, she lived just down the street from me and practically hung out with me everyday.

Long story short- I woke up the next morning feeling more terrible than I've ever felt. My father picked me up at the house to drive my sister an I to church. At the time my sister was in choir, my father normally took her but he threw out his back, mom was working so church escort responsibility fell onto me. I remember sitting in that pew, looking up at the cross (the one where Jesus is nailed to it and oozing blood from gaping wounds), praying that if the pain just went away I would never ever drink again.

Turns out God doesn't work that way... Who knew?! Well seeing how there was no heavenly support the drinking continued every so often. This in technicality was the most I've ever been beaten up. In my adult years I started to take personal boxing training but not with the memory of this instance lingering in mind. The boxing was a result of webwork done for a personal trainer and I was just looking for something entertaining to do.
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Jul 10, 2010