Not Becoming A Victim

As a child I was beaten up a few times. I was different form the other children. I was a vegetarian, I was an atheist, I was disarmingly smart, I was disarmingly friendly... and so many of them grew up listening to their parents spouting violent rhetoric about people like me- people who aren't Christian, who aren't bothered by gay people, who eat weird food, who talk about peace and love and understanding instead of God, beer, and barbeque. So what do the good Christian children do to the atheist children? Why, you jump them. It happened more to my brother than to me, and he took a lot of abuse before he learned how to fight back. Because I saw him learn to fight back, so did I, and we didn't get beaten up as much. But we did get labeled as problem children, because good Christian teachers have to keep an eye on the atheist kids. They don't believe in God? They must obviously have no morals.

In high school a few times girls tied to jump me, but I didn't let anyone pick on me or my sister. I started to carry around pepper spray, which is good because it saved my life. My ex-boyfriend tried to kill me, and broke several bones before I sprayed him with the pepper spray and managed to get away. I could fight against girls, but not against a 5'11 man. I got a gun soon after that, and luckily I've never had to use it, but after the death threats my family and I received from his church I felt it necessary to protect my family. My father has 2 guns, my brother has a gun, and my sister is going to get one herself. We've learned through victimization how to not be victims.
adventureolive adventureolive
22-25, F
May 8, 2012