Ben Bruce

Ben and Bruce aren't there real names but I don't want to use there real ones okay.
I'm walking down the road to my house when I'm struck in the with a blunt object on the back of my head I fell to the ground and two boys were hovering over me "Look who it is its Nikki." Ben said "My name is Nick!" I yelled "Aww the little ***** thinks he can speak up to us." Ben said "Maybe we should teach him a lesson." Bruce said cracking his knuckles Ben the punched me in the face and then Bruce ran behind me and grabbed my arms and held them behind me Ben punched me in the gut then he looked at me leg I was shot in it and it was and is very weak "Leg still hurt?" He asked I didn't want to answer but did "Yes it still hurts." I said trying to get out of Bruce's hold "Really?" He said "Yes it still hurts!" I repeated he look at me and then kicked me as hard as he could right in the knee I shrieked in pain I felt as if I was going to cry from the pain Bruce looked down at me the look of sorrow was in his eyes and he let go I fell to the ground holding me leg "Come on Ben lets get out of here." He said Ben shook his head and kicked me in the ribs I fell into my side "Ben stop!!" Bruce yelled Ben looked at him and then gave me a kick to the head Bruce pulled Ben away "Stop it you ******* *** hole!!" Bruce yelled he walked to me and helped me to my feet but I fell back down I couldn't put any of weight on my leg he pulled me back up and I wrapped my arm around his waist "What the hell are you?!?!" Ben yelled "You ******* could've broken his knee dumb **** you know how much trouble we could get in!" He yelled Ben shrugged and walked away Bruce helped me home and my papa saw us "Where have you been!" He yelled and cracked his belt "I fell down I hill and hurt my knee this boy saw and helped me to get here papa." I said papa took me out of the Bruce's grasp and held me up "Thank you young man now get back to your father before he gets mad." Papa said "Yes sir." Bruce said and walked up the hill "As for you why would you fall down the hill you little ankle bitter!" He yelled "I didn't mean to fall god damn it!!" I yelled and slugged him in the face he laughed and smack my a cross the face knocking me to the ground and just walked off and I crawled to my bed. That's all that happened comment or whatever.
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Wow my simpathys about that. Im sorry these things happen to you