*** Kicked Over Boyfriend

ok so im 15 and openly bisexual.my friend kira started dating this cute guy named jake.onee day after school when nobody was around jake comes up to me and kisses me right on the lips witch was my first kiss.i asked him why he did this and told me that he recently discovered he was gay but didnt want to come out yet because our town isnt exactly homofriendly.he told me he wanted to still date kira but also have me as a **** buddy i said no at first because kira was my friend and i didnt want to betray her but eventually he convinced me to be his **** buddy.we saw each other almost every day for 2 weeks without anybody finding out.one day we were making out on his bed with the door open because his parents were out of town and we liked to move to different areas of the house we were both in our boxer briefs when we hear someone yell "what the ****" we turn and see kira standing in the doorway.at this point i was scared shitless i tried to come up with some excuse but she kept telling me to shutup.she asked jake what was going on and he told her the whole story. she started yelling at us mainly me then she told me to stand up because she was going to kill me.i decided to take the beating like a man mostly because i kind of deserved it.so i stood up in front of her i closed my eyes and clenched my fist waiting for the hit.then it came it hit me right in the left cheek and sent me to the floor.i started to get up on my hands and knees but she kicked me int the stomach.i fell to my side and started coughing then she turned me on my back and kicked me right in the balls causing me to turn back on my side then i called her a **** witch she didnt like so she kicked me in the head and continued to beat me for 5 minutes until she threw me out of the house in my underware.she broke up with jake and still wont talk to me.
zboy123 zboy123
18-21, M
Dec 3, 2012